Technology PR: How Storytelling Can Benefit Marketing

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Everyone enjoys a good story, especially one that draws you in and grabs your attention. For technology companies and other businesses, stories are an effective way to educate and persuade target customers about their products and services. In addition, a good narrative helps them stand out from the crowd, something that is extremely important in a world where new content is constantly being produced and published online.

Here are a few other reasons why companies should incorporate storytelling into their public relations strategy:

1. Engages Customers

Storytelling can transform even topics that are perceived as dull or too technical into attention-grabbing pieces of information. For instance, instead of using listicles to explain your company’s background in helping tech startups, consider employing images or video to tell your company’s story. Listicles offer a clear and straightforward way of delivering information. However, they can easily come across as dry and uninteresting.

With storytelling, brands can easily tap into their prospective customers’ emotions, provoke a reaction, and get their attention. If a narrative is good enough, it can stick in the audience’s minds, inspire, and spark an interest in the brand.

2. Provides Social Proof and Builds Trust

From a marketing standpoint, social proof is evidence that other people have purchased or found value in a product or service that a company offers. Customer stories are a form of social proof that allows brands to show potential clients they are trustworthy and reliable. You can leverage customer stories by sharing them on your website, email newsletters, and social media.

3. Makes Content Relatable

Complicated concepts can quickly put off customers. This is especially true in relatively new industries like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which often employ complex terminologies and overly use acronyms. Stories can simplify the narratives of problems and solutions and enable brands to showcase information in an easy-to-digest format.

4. Improves Information Retention

A study by cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner suggests that people are 22 times more likely to remember information when presented in a story, simply because stories are more memorable. If you’re going to give statistics, do so in a case study format that allows you to share stories of challenges and their corresponding solutions while still injecting valuable statistics.

5. Helps Increase Sales

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool to attract more customers and increase revenue. If people love your brand’s story, they are more likely to recommend your services to family members, friends, and even colleagues. Take, for example, Huggies. The diaper company’s “hugging” campaign, which utilized storytelling, saw a 30% increase in sales and a 300% improvement in engagement rates.

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