Partnering Up? Here’s What B2B Tech PR Can Teach You

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Partnering Up? Here’s What B2B Tech PR Can Teach You

It’s official, we have reached peak collaboration. Brands and companies across industries are scrambling to create the next eye-catching, headline-grabbing, and sometimes head-scratching partnerships. While brand partnerships are an appealing route to benefit a company through increased attention and often bolstering sales, there is always the potential for them to backfire. Our experience as a B2B tech PR agency can help navigate the tricky territories that come along with communicating partnerships.

Knowing Your Audiences (Yes, We Mean Plural)

While knowing your audience is a cardinal rule not only in PR but business in general, the challenge that comes with partnerships is having to know or approximate multiple audiences. Though it might seem simple at first, partnerships will frequently have to deal with relaying their exciting new venture to incongruous or contrasting audiences.

As a B2C and B2B tech PR agency, we know a thing or two about working with and satisfying key audiences and stakeholders for our clientele. Conducting thorough research on both the company you are looking to partner with and your respective audiences that will benefit or even care about your partnership is essential. Pitching your partnership to an apathetic audience is a surefire way to deflate a project before it’s even taken off the ground.

Keep Your Messages Clear

Every B2C company is dealing with captivating an overstimulated audience with attention spans that are shortening by the minute. When your company is mainly dealing with B2B sales and partnerships, it may be tempting to retain industry jargon as a way to pique the interest of relevant audiences. However, if your aim is to communicate with a wider audience or even with a company outside of your industry to partner with, it will only create confusion.

Knowing how to simplify your message without diluting the importance of your product or partnership is crucial for clarity. Through years of expertise as a B2B tech PR company that also deals with public-facing communications, we cannot overemphasize the power that a simple yet substantial communication can have in creating or promoting partnerships.

Why Does B2B Tech PR Experience Matter At All

Why Does B2B Tech PR Experience Matter At All?

Fair question! Simply put, while there are plenty of agencies working with companies on the bleeding edge of tech (us included) we don’t exclusively focus on B2C clientele and communication. With a dual focus on both B2B and B2C clients, we’re well aware of the challenges that arise in these areas of multiple tracks in the tech industry. Sure, it might be easy enough to explain a partnership between a luxury stiletto brand and an NFT artist but less so when securing coverage for a B2B partnership between a decentralized travel marketplace and a major airline.

Maintaining relevant partnerships and relationships are a major part of what we do, in fact it is perhaps the crux of what PR is all about. That being said, not all partnerships are created equal and they never follow a set template or clear rules for what will be successful and what will just cause your prospective audience to cringe. If your company is eager to see the difference between ineffective and fruitful partnerships, we encourage you to contact our team for a consultation.



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