Q3 2021 Client Coverage Highlights

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From Mercado Bitcoin riding a tsunami of media buzz with its $200 million investment from SoftBank to Cybint Solutions being acquired by HackerU for $50 million, Q3 of 2021 saw ReBlonde clients on a roll.

Mercado Bitcoin

Announcing its $200 million investment from Soft Bank, Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s first and largest cryptocurrency exchange, set off a flurry of headlines, including in top-tier publications such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and Financial Times. Follow these links to explore the massive footprint Mercado Bitcoin secured in the media coverage in the period: Reuters (Twice! Three times!), Business Insider, Bloomberg (Twice!), Financial Times, Yahoo Finance, US News (Twice!), BNN Bloomberg, Investing.com, Fortune, Forbes (Twice! Three times! Four times!), NASDAQ (Twice! Three times!), Financial Post (Twice!), Cointelegraph (Twice! Three times!), CoinDesk, TechCrunch (Twice!), Daily Advent, PYMNTS, FinExtra, The Globe and MailCapital.com, Crunchbase, IBSIntelligence (Twice! Three times!), CoinTribune, The Block Crypto (Twice!), Calcalist, Market Screener, TodayOnline News, CoinGape, Thecoin, HiTechGlitz, TechnoSports, Sports Grind Entertainment, Punto Informatico, Near Shore Americas, Bittblogger, Tittle Press, Hindustan, Newstral, Brecorder, Unlock-BC, CryptoMarket Watch, Media Reportage, FinsMes, InfoTech Lead, Uzmancoin, Sonicbtc, Pitch Book, Play Crazy Game, SportBusiness, Street Insider, F1 Coins, Insight ontan, The Chain Bulletin, Bitcoinik, Webrazzi, Nearshore Americas, FX678, WHBL, New Day Crypto, The Press Free, Daily Cannon, Updated News 24, Zone Bourse, Fintech & Finance News, TokenPost, Sportsmintmedia, Zephyrnet, Crypto-Economy, TittlePress, Crypto News BTC, Newslogged, CryptonewsBTC (Twice!), Ledger Insight, The Paypers, Games Polar, Alexa Blockchain, The Street, ForkLog, Fintech Zoom, Business Today, Crypto Briefing, Tech Story, financeFeed, AIthority, Latin Finance, Cointrust, Title Press, Nairametrics, BN Americas, Nippon, The Indian Panorama, Japan Times, Invezz (Twice! Three times!), CoinCU News, Licai18, CryptoPotato, Our Bitcoin News, TechNoHoop, Bitcoin.com, Bollyinside, The Crypto Daily News, CryptoBriefing, Wincountry, Insider World Football, Bitcoin Magazine (Twice!), CoinRivet, CYNS, Latin America Business Stories LABS, Cosmopolitan Daily, Thealike,  bnAmericas, DealStreetInsight, News Chant, Channel News Asia, TechMotives, Live Bitcoin News.


OVEX, a South African-based cryptocurrency exchange platform specializing in over-the-counter (OTC) trading, picked up more than a few major hits, including coverage in such top-tier publications as Investing.com and Cointelegraph. Catch up with all the latest from them here:  Cointelegraph (Brazil), Investing.com (Twice!), Portuguese! Spanish!),  Hodl Desk, ITWeb, CoinIT, Crypto News Pipe, Tech Financials, Bitcoin-live.de, Coingram, BitcoinKE, IT-Online, NexaLive, Technical Ripon, Play Crazy Game, Investro, Siam Blockchain, FX Street, Tech Hubb, Ethereum Cryptocurrency, NetCost & Security, Cryptodds, Tittle Press, Tales From The Crypto, Blickblock.re, Finder, Infinity Web, Local Crypto News, Cripto247, Crypto News BTC, Crypto Press, Crypto Breaking News, Trend n Pattern, Kurzy CZ, Zububrothers, Borsagundem.


Thorstarter, a decentralized blockchain-based launchpad platform for cryptocurrency projects, thundered across the media landscape with a power worthy of its name, securing coverage in top international outlets. Here are the outlets that followed its saga: Yahoo Finance (Twice!), Yahoo Finance Singapore, Cointelegraph, BenzingaInvesting.com, Global News, TMCNET news (Twice!), Mo.Bi, Block-Chain24,Financial Buzz, Global Viv Mediaallcryptoin.com, Gimme Bitcoin, Spoke, Silicon UK, Winslow, Evans & Crocker, Acrofan, Grit Daily, Blockgates.io, Market Screener, TMCnet.com, 搜狐| Sohu, Bitcoin Crypto News, Financial Watch, Crypto News BTC, News Break, News CNyes (Twice!), Markets.post-gazette.com, Crypto Culture, Daily Herald, Crypto Reporter.


n.exchange, a fast, reliable, and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange built by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts, built up its momentum on the media scene, getting top-tier coverage for its Swapspace partnership. See the full list of their hits here: CoinDesk, Cointelegraph (Turkish! Spanish! Portuguese! Twice! Three times!), Investing.com (Twice!), Finder.com.au,, Kripto parahaber, FI Atsit, Crypto Press, ZephyrNet, Bitcoinist, Infinityweb, Flipboard, Netcost-Security, cryptonewspipe.com, Coin News (Twice!), Tapchi Bitcoin, CryptoCurrency.com.tr, New Crypto Buzz, Block Value, FX Street, Daily Drolls, Bitsmart.io, 0xzx, BitcoinEthereum News, Peachy Crypto Report, Daily Advent.


Banxa, an internationally-compliant fiat-crypto gateway, maintained its solid sway in the hearts and minds of the global media, including references in such publications and aggregators as Yahoo News, Nasdaq, and FinExtra. Follow these links to check them out: Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance UK, Yahoo Finance Singapore, Yahoo Money, Yahoo News New Zealand, Yahoo News Australia, FinExtra, Nasdaq, CoinBlockAsia, Cointelegraph (Spanish! Portuguese! Twice! Italian! Portuguese!), Out Perform Daily, Bitcoin Linux, Inter News Cast, Verbolsa, Technical Riipon, Bitcoin Insider, Burada Biliyorum, DeAandeelHouder, Business Fast UK, OTCPM (Twice!).


Everest, a licensed and regulated custodian with blockchain solutions for eKYC, crypto, payments, cross-border and other financial services, went onward and upward with top-tier coverage for its Oracle integration and other advances. See the full coverage outline here: Yahoo News, Yahoo UK sports, Reuters, US News, NASDAQ, Newsbreak, Investing.com, Finextra, Cointelegraph(Spanish!), IBS Intelligence, MSN Money, Crypto New BTC, The Paypers, Investor Place, 0xzx, Database application, Crypto News BTC, Zeta Coin, StartUp Info, All News, iqstockmarket, Biometric Update, Blocktribune, The London News Times. Also, don’t miss a guest post by its CEO Bob Reid featured on Cointelegraph.


Spielworks, a leading blockchain startup specializing in gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, bolstered its grasp on the media attention, featured on Cointelegraph, Investing.com and other top publications. Here is the full list: Cointelegraph (Spanish!), Invezz (Dutch! Spanish! Italian! French!), Investing.com (Twice!), OTCPM24, Up News info, American Crypto Association, Bitcoin Ethereum News, Bitcoin24ON blogpost, Liukin, Crypto Renegade, Bitcoin Insider, Verbolsa, E Jazz News, News Colony, Quebec News Tribune, Technical Ripon, Crypto Post, Digi Deutsche, Oxzx, Economia Finanza, Up News Info, Tradermeetscoder, E stop Saber, Last Cryptocurrency, Enancial, Sherbrook Times.

Texas Medical Technology

Texas Medical Technology, a leading supplier and distributor of medical equipment, got coverage from top news outlets, including NBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, and Al Jazeera. Check out the splash they made in the media at these links: Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, CNBC (Twice! Three times!), NBC 5 Dallas Forth North, NBC Philadelphia, NBC DFW, NBC San Diego, NBC NY, NBC Miami, Gulf News, Fortune, Business Mayor, Business Fast UK, MSN, Texas News Today, Stocks News Feed, Break’n News, Diesel Gasoil, Leafy Page, Bitcoin Ethereum News, Tech Times, The Bharat Express News, Glee Consulting Group, Rubber Plastic News, Medical Plastics News, 360 Aproko.


Nostromo, an energy-efficient modular cooling solution provider, stayed on top of the news flow, securing coverage in top outlets, including Cointelegraph, WEF’s portal, and Invezz. See the full list of the coverage it got at the following links: Cointelegraph (Spanish!), World Economic Forum, Invezz (Spanish! Italian!), IQ Stock Market, Energy Storage News, Bitcoin Ethereum News, Business Fast UK, TrendsWide, The European Sting, Environment Energy Leader, OI Canadian Gaming News, Tech Register, E Stop Saber, Business Mayor, Diario Judio, Earth 911 Podcast, News Break.

World Mobile

World Mobile, a global mobile network combining renewable energy with meshnet and blockchain technology, partnered with Fulham FC, setting off a flurry of excited reports, including from some of the top publications, such as MSN and CoinMarketCap: Thrive Global, CIO.com, Mashable Benelux, MSN, ZephytNet, MarketScreener, IBS Podcast, Footy Headlines, Digital Journal, Daily Times, Bitcoinist, Fintech News, Sports Mint, Daily Advent, ID Atsit, Sport Industry, SportTechie, CityAM, SportProMedia, BitkoinKE, Coin FYI. Also, check out the guest posts by its COO Andrew Soper on Nasdaq and Advisory Board Member Charles Njoroge on TechBullion.


TrustToken, the team behind TrueFi, the leading unsecured lending protocol, and popular stablecoins including TrueUSD, set off a media storm with its announcement of $12.5 million secured in funding from VC token sale and acquisition of EthWorks. See more of their coverage at these links: Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq, CoinDesk (Twice! Three times!), Bitcoin.com, Daily Advent, Hackernoon, Zephyr Net (Twice!), Invezz, Timeturk, Coin Journal, Blockchain Reporter, FXmag, Crypto News, Stockhead AU, AI Thority, CryptonewsBTC, Hebergement Web, Tech Telegraph UK, Trend-Online, be[in]crypto, Techtelegraph, News Tral, Digital Journal, The Hack Posts, CryptoNews.com, Webitcoin. Also, don’t miss the guest post by its Co-Founder & CEO Rafael Cosman featured on Nasdaq.

Digital Finance Group

Digital Finance Group, a global blockchain and cryptocurrency firm, sent the media abuzz with its $20 million worth of DOT tokens investment into DeFi platform Acala. See the coverage they got here: Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, Nairametrics, Wall Street Reporter, IFC Review, Opera News, Startup Info, TheNewsCrypto, The Blockchain Show, Ciudad Mag. Also, check out a guest post by James Wo, Founder and CEO of DFG, featured on Nasdaq.


Matrix, a virtual assets trading platform serving investors around the world, emerged as a major power player on the MENA crypto scene and beyond. See the full list here: Khaleej Times, Zephyrnet, Pigeon Week, Unlock, International Investment, Global Business Outlook, Zawya, MenaFn.


AXIA, the organization building a digital ecosystem around the world’s first hyper-deflationary digital currency AXIA Coin (AXC), came out strong with hits and coverage from top-tier publications, including Yahoo News, Investing.com, and MarketWatch. See the fill list here: MarketWatch, Investing.com, Mocamboo, Burada Biliyorum, Blockgates.io, L’Echo, OI Canadian, Crypto News BTC, New York Latest News, ForexTV.com, FlipBoard, Invest.srnola.com, news.stknews.com, Jiffy360, sNEWSi.

Cybint Solutions

Cybint Solutions, a cybersecurity bootcamp provider acquired by ThriveDX, formerly known as HackerU, in August 2021, stirred up a wave of reports in media outlets, including TechCrunch and TechRound. Follow these links to see the coverage they got: TechCrunch, PC, VentureBeat, CyberWire, Saas Industry, Tech Radar, Info Security, Finsmes, Security Week, No Camels, CalTech. Also, don’t miss a guest post by Cybint’s CPO Ingrid Toppelberg published by Geektime.


Sternum, a pioneering IoT cybersecurity and analytics company, got massive top-tier coverage revealing its $27 million raised to protect connected devices. See the coverage they got here: The Telegraph, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, Haaretz, The MarkerCalcalist, CTech, SaaS Industry, TechTime, Cybercrime Magazine, GeekTime, Finsmes, Embedded, Grit Daily, Hi Tech Glitz.


GlobalDots, a cloud-performance and security innovation leader, had its CloudFlare partnership covered by a multitude of international publications: Channel Life (New Zealand edition!), Security Brief Asia, IT Brief Australia, The CyberWire, Security Brief Australia, Security Brief New Zealand, IT Brief New Zealand, Grit Daily, IQ Stock Market, IT Brief Asia. Also, make sure to check out a guest post by its Senior Solutions Architect Dror Arie on Nasdaq, reposted on IQ Stock Market.


testFRWD, an Austrian startup providing AI-powered solutions for self-certifying COVID-19 tests, was covered in a wide array of publications as it worked to help facilitate a return to normalcy from the pandemic. See the coverage they got at these links: Daily Advent, Startup.info, TechroundUK, Publituris, BiometricUpdate.com (Twice! Three times!), Travel Daily News, Science Times, TGG Italia.


Airobotics, a global leader in fully automated commercial drones, saw its drones tapped by Dubai authorities to assist police forces, winning a flurry of reports in Israeli media: Calcalist (and in print!), Israel Defence, Globes (Twice!), CTech, Walla.


Spotify, the music streaming giant, continued its momentum with coverage in Israeli outlets: Ice (Twice! Three times! Four times!), Reshet B.


Storytel, an audiobook streaming subscription service, went on a massive outreach in the Israeli media, picked up by both digital outlets and TV: Channel 7, N12, Mako, Tech-IL, Ice.


Humanz, an AI-powered platform for micro-influencer campaigns, was covered by several outlets: Mako, GQ Britain (Print Edition).


Oktopost, a business-to-business social media management platform, made headlines in Israeli media: CTech, Bizportal, The Marker, Geektime, Calcalist.


WalkOut, the developer of an autonomous end-to-end frictionless shopping solution, had its product covered by multiple outlets over the period: The Spoon, Startup.info, TechRound UK , Supermarket Perimeter, Geektime, Small Business Cafe.


Polysack, the developer and manufacturer of film products for high-shrink labels, candy wrappers, and agro-textiles, was covered in multiple outlets: WhatTheyThInk, Foodinfotech, Plastics in Packaging, Covertermag. Also, check out a blog by its CEO, Yanir Aharonson, on Times of Israel.


LiquidApps, the decentralized development solutions provider and supporter of the DAPP Network, captured the minds of journalists with its vision of unkillable decentralized apps. See the coverage they got here: Investing.com, Cryptonomist (Italian!), 0xzx (Portuguese!), Crypto News.


HUP.LIFE, the creators of the world’s first platform for trading copyright-enabled NFTs, got some traction, with coverage in Newsbreak and other outlets: Wild West Crypto Podcast, Newsbreak, Startup Inf.


Film.io, the blockchain-based solution for empowering film, television, and VR creators, got top-tier coverage from Investing.com and Cointelegraph.


WindingTree, a leading provider of connectivity services to travel distributors and payment processors, got a top-tier hit at USA Today.


Road2, an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors that develops start-ups into inspiring businesses, had a guest post by its CEO Eitan Kyiet featured by the Jerusalem Post.


Aniview, a leading provider of holistic end-to-end ad-serving solutions for publishers, made it to Best StartUp’s top 25 best ad companies and startups in New York.


Check out a guest post by Doron Besser, CEO of ENvizion, the FDA 510(k)-cleared leader in enteral feeding placement navigation technology, featured by Geektime.


Polysack, a green-tech manufacturer of plastic film products for flexible packaging and high-shrink labels, had an interview with its VP for Marketing & Business Development Yair Gellis featured on FoodInTech.

Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision, a deep-learning medical imaging analytics company acquired by Nanox in August in a $200 million deal, kept developing its media footprint with coverage in Globes (and in print!).


ClearX, a blockchain-based clearing and settlement solution, got two hits with Capacity media and Vanilla Plus with its ambitious bid to bring smart contracts to legacy enterprises.


Lanceria, a blockchain-based AI-powered freelancer job market, got a hit in the fintech space. See it here: The Fintech Times.

ReBlonders live and breathe creativity, and an in-house logo redesign challenge saw many brilliant works—but this abstraction took the cake. Move over, Pollock, there’s a new sheriff in this town!

ReBlonders live and breathe creativity, and an in-house logo redesign challenge saw many brilliant works—but this abstraction took the cake. Move over, Pollock, there’s a new sheriff in this town!



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