Building Credibility With a Tech Public Relations Agency

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Building Credibility With a Tech Public Relations Agency

With at least 585,000 tech companies in the U.S. alone, it’s key for tech companies to stand out with unique branding. That’s where marketers swoop in and bring awareness to a specific product or service and get it noticed by those who can use it. But there’s a gap between selling specific products and establishing the company’s image as a whole.

That’s where a tech public relations agency comes in.

A tech PR agency focuses on obtaining and maintaining a positive reputation for the company as a whole. Through leveraging media and speaking opportunities, a PR agency creates an image of your company that has a much further reach than traditional marketing. Perhaps most importantly, media helps establish credibility among consumers and investors. Seeing a company featured on Bloomberg Business or Business Insider, shows your company is doing something newsworthy.

Here are a few ways a tech public relations agency can help with establishing credibility for your company:

  1. Creating a lasting relationship with the media with a tech public relations agency

A tech PR agency already has an existing relationship with reporters and journalists in your industry. In order to get your company media coverage, they will draft press releases and find commentary opportunities to send to reporters to get media attention. They will also provide media training, so the CEO can be prepared to speak to the media with clear messaging for your company.

This will help create a lasting relationship with the press, facilitated by the tech public relations agency, that will showcase to the world you have a product or service worth talking about. Media has a much larger reach than traditional marketing and can expose your products and services to a new audience. Getting media coverage can also spotlight you to investors who are also always looking at the media for their next project. By having positive media coverage, your company will establish credibility and be a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Writing meaningful thought leadership pieces

Thought leadership helps establish the heads of your company as thought leaders in their field. A tech PR agency will ghostwrite pieces for their client and publish them as guest contributions in publications. Top-tier publications such as VentureBeat and TechCrunch accept guest post subscriptions, and through collaboration with your tech public relations agency, they will take care of the writing process from start to finish. Being published helps establish the company as an expert in their field and makes people value their product or service more.

  1. Events and speaking opportunities

Attending events and conferences helps with networking and getting exposure for your company. Creating an image of your company as one that speaks at events in their field, helps bring more attention to your product or service.

Reblonde Can Help

Building credibility in the tech world takes an experienced tech PR agency. ReBlonde is here for you with over a decade of veteran PR experience at the helm and a dedicated media and content team running your tech PR operation. Take the first step in establishing credibility by booking your free consultation with us today to discuss your PR needs!



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