Health Tech PR: Live Long and Prosper in The Metaverse

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Health Tech PR - Live Long and Prosper in The Metaverse

Not even Mark Zuckerberg, thinks we’re going to see a fully-matured metaverse right away—perhaps in a few years, maybe five, possibly more. It may become a “huge economy,” with “entirely new types of work” and plenty of virtual goods, as Mr. Zuckerberg predicts, but, admittedly, the concept is not wholly defined. The lines are still being drawn, but that hasn’t stopped some of today’s biggest healthcare companies from beginning to dip their toes.

Health Tech PR Helps You Navigate Meta’s Uncharted Waters

We’re already seeing hundreds of MetaHealth projects developing spaces and introducing innovations, including surgical robotics, behavioral sensors, and mixed-reality wearables designed for a new Meta-reality. So much so that it can prove difficult for budding startups to navigate the changing tide and send the right message out. A comprehensive health tech PR strategy breaks through the noise to get a company’s solution on the map, earning recognition among industry insiders and separating itself from the pack.

Storytelling is one of the strongest tools of a good PR strategy. For healthcare solutions, it will be a wonderful tool in espousing empathy and raising awareness regarding various conditions. With the Metaverse being a product of Web 3.0, the ways in which a patient’s story or a new launch can be conveyed will also be highly democratic and less controlled. This encourages more out-of-the-box campaign ideas that you couldn’t dream of pursuing right now in the real world.

Exploring synergies with other health brands that share similar values will also be a great way to sustain one’s self in the meta world—together. However, in order to keep audiences engaged, healthcare companies need initiatives which both solve problems in the real world while showcasing the unique advantages of the virtual one.

And with its interactive nature, the Metaverse will be of particular interest to mental health PR initiatives, where virtual therapy and raising awareness carries huge potential through augmented reality settings. New psychotherapy formats can help individuals with phobias, stress, addiction, eating disorders, and psychosis. Patients who have used automated VR therapy have experienced a 38 percent decrease in anxiety over a six-week period, according to studies by Oxford University. So with augmented spaces representing a huge opportunity to begin redefining healthcare, an effective health tech PR strategy will play a central role in helping companies fulfill this transition.

Where There’s Change, There’s Opportunity

Historically, healthcare has been an industry slow to embrace emerging innovations. Yet the most recent pandemic triggered an unprecedented acceleration and adoption of emerging technologies, which acutely highlighted the vulnerabilities we have in managing global population health, as well as the opportunities offered by deploying out-of-the-box solutions].

Healthcare companies have until now, relied on facebook feeds, industry publications, and high-rise billboards to spread the word. To enter the Metaverse today, these companies need to incorporate a health tech PR approach as fresh, creative, and unique as the ecosystem itself. And because the Metaverse presents the marketing of new health solutions and the raising of targeted awareness a myriad of new possibilities, that should serve to excite rather than fright.

ReBlonde: Award-Winning Health Tech PR Initiatives

Despite millions being invested and multiple organizations working toward building a complete Metaverse, it will certainly take a few years for the two worlds—real and virtual—to fully meet at a shared virtual space. However, taking a seat back and just waiting for the day isn’t the right approach. Anticipation and proactiveness have always been traits synonymous with the PR industry, and ReBlonde invests its time into anticipating trends and threats by working toward building PR collaterals for a whole new virtual health tech world.

Work with an agency that can navigate both the current health tech PR arena and the coming Metaverse PR with seamless expertise. ReBlonde is a leading PR agency that provides award-winning PR initiatives for medical, cyber, finance, AI, and crypto companies.

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