Q4 2021 Client Coverage Highlights

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The past year was, as always, full of surprises and wins, and to keep track of them, we decided to mix things up a bit. Don’t miss a wrap-up video from our very own in-house talent that will take you through all of the highlights of 2021:

Now, time for a more in-depth look at where things stood in the last three months of the past year. From 2TM, the parent company of Brazil’s largest crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin, launching its venture investment arm to Winding Tree, a leading provider of connectivity services to travel distributors and payment processors, entering a partnership with American Airlines, ReBlonde’s clients wrapped up 2021 with a bang.

Mercado Bitcoin

Winding Tree



Also, check out the guest post by its CEO Arian Krion on Nasdaq!


World Mobile

Also, check out the guest posts by its CMO of Sharing Economy Omaid Hiwaizi and Vice President Corporate Office on Nasdaq!


  • AXIA, the organization building a digital ecosystem around the world’s first hyper-deflationary digital currency AXIA Coin (AXC), generated headlines in a plethora of publications, including Yahoo Finance and Daily Advent. Check out their full coverage here: Yahoo Finance, Daily Advent, BeInCrypto, Nairametrics, Nairametrics (YouTube), Crowdfund Insider, com, BitcoinEthereumNews, Bon News, Startup Info, Crypto News, Business Technologies Daily.

Also, don’t miss the opinion piece by its Founder Nick Agar in Nasdaq!


Also, check out the guest posts by its Co-Founders Ronen Korman and Idan Shchori on Hackernoon, VentureBeat, and InsideBigData!


Also, check out the guest post by its CEO and Co-Founder Lior Lamesh on Nasdaq!



Also, check out the guest post by its CEO and Co-Founder Assaf Gedalia on Nasdaq!


  • TrustToken, the team behind TrueFi, the leading unsecured lending protocol, and popular stablecoins including TrueUSD, stayed at the top of the news agenda, securing coverage in leading publications. Follow these links to check out their hits: Cointelegraph, BeinCrypto, Bitcoinist, Nairametrics, Cryptoshit Compra, FintechZoom, Micky.


Also, make sure to check out the opinion piece by its President Vasja Zupan!


  • Superalgos, an open-source community-owned trading intelligence project, wowed the journalists with its promise of the ultimate trading bot platform. Check out the coverage they won here: CoinDesk, BeInCrypto, com, FinExtra, Crowdfund Insider, TechRound UK, Trading News Daily, Letizo.

Also, check out the opinion piece by its Co-Founder and Lead Developer Luiz Molina on Nasdaq!


  • Metarex, the world’s first collection of dinosaur-fossil NFTs (yes, you read that right), was bound to get some major traction—and that’s exactly what happened. See the headlines they made at these links: Daily Advent, Bitcoinist, NFT Evening, The Tokenizer, org, Aithority, Tech Acute, Ultcoin365.


  • exchange, a fast, reliable, and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange built by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts, kept up the momentum, drawing the interest of major publications. See the traction they got here: NewsBreak, Invezz, Fintech Times, Newstral, Bitcoin Insider, Carabiner News, Newsr.in.



  • Banxa, an internationally-compliant fiat-crypto gateway, kept up its traction in the media. Follow these links to see their hits: CrowdFund Insider, TechRound UK, Wild West Crypto, Blockchain Dialogues.

Also, don’t miss the opinion piece by its Head of Compliance, Europe, Stephane Leloup on Nasdaq!


  • Everest, a licensed and regulated custodian with blockchain solutions for eKYC, crypto, payments, cross-border transfers, and other financial services, drew the interest of top publications: CoinDesk, Bitcoinist.

Also, check out the guest posts by its CEO Bob Reid on Benzinga and Cointelegraph, the latter reposted on Public.uk!


  • Aniview, a leading provider of holistic end-to-end ad-serving solutions for publishers, kept up the game with several headlines. Check them out at the following links: MarTech, ExchangeWire, Apaclive.


  • Mola, the OTT multimedia company encompassing sports, music, and film content, sent ripples through the global media landscape. See the coverage they got here: Bitcoinist, The Mirror, Irish Mirror.


  • Grexie, the creators of GREX, an ERC-20 crypto token offered for free on the Polygon blockchain, stole the spotlight with several major publications. See the hits they got at these links: com, StartUp Info.

Also, check out the guest post by the company’s CEO Tim Behrsin on Nasdaq!


  • film.io, the blockchain-based solution for empowering film, television, and VR creators, gets closer to greenlighting its groundbreaking digital ecosystem. Read about their impressive advancements here: Startup Info, Crowdfund Insider, TechRound UK.


  • OVR, a decentralized metaverse platform that creates geo-localized AR/VR experiences, secured a hit with Forbes.


  • GlobalDots, a cloud-performance and security innovation leader, maintained its traction in the industry. Check out the coverage they got here: Lifewire, Flipboard.


  • ClearX, a blockchain-based clearing and settlement solution, garnered media traction for its innovative use of blockchain within financial systems: C-Tech (Calcalist), Startup Info.


  • Medorion, a SaaS-solution provider enabling healthcare organizations to create, manage, and measure personalized health persuasion plans, turned heads and earned coverage for their life-saving technology. Read up on them here: StartUp Info, TechRound UK

L. Group

  • L. Group is innovating filtration solutions with their cabin air filter designed for use in cars, buses, and houses. Check out the traction they got here: StartUp Info, Filtration and Separation.

Texas Medical Technology

  • Texas Medical Technology, a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and equipment, gained attention for its joint venture with a Native American tribe, The Modoc Nation, covered by Medical Plastics News.


  • ENvizion, the FDA 510(k)-cleared leader in enteral feeding placement navigation technology, was recognized at the eighth edition of Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards for its demonstration of excellence, innovation, and leadership. Read about it here: MENAFN.

DreaMed Diabetes

  • DreaMed Diabetes, the developer of the diabetes expert-care Advisor Pro AI platform, built up its footprint in international media. See the coverage they got here: Startup Info, TechRound UK.

Also, don’t miss the guest post by its Co-Founder and CE Eran Atlas on Nasdaq!


  • Mlytics, a CDN management platform, garnered media attention for disrupting the cloud industry with their resilient solutions for a safer internet world: StartUp Info.


Babysense, the world’s first contactless baby monitor that uses AI to track infants’ movements, earned a feature for the way they aim to change young familys’ lives: StartUp Info.



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