Launching Your Own ICO Campaign

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As an ICO PR agency, ReBlonde knows all about how to launch a successful initial coin offering (ICO) campaign. An ICO is the cryptocurrency equivalent of an initial public offering (IPO).

While an IPO refers to a private enterprise offering shares to the public to raise capital from investors, an ICO offers a cryptocurrency token to interested investors. The creation and distribution of these tokens happen on blockchains, so anyone with enough bitcoins or ether can purchase crypto-tokens for ICO.

These tokens may be used in relation to the company’s products or services or to represent a stake in the company.

The use of ICOs over other crowdfunding methods is growing in popularity for its many benefits, including:

  • Anyone can buy tokens
  • Tokens are sold globally
  • ICOs offer liquidity

How to Launch an ICO

With its many benefits, you might be considering launching an ICO for your business. Make sure it’s a success by following our step-by-step guide on launching an ICO project:

  1. Create a product or service

You can’t start crowdfunding without a product or service worthy enough to invest in. That’s why it’s important to create a solid, well-thought-out product on the blockchain. It has to offer a solution that your market is currently looking for.

  1. Determine if your business needs an ICO

ICOs are not suitable for every business model. If yours cannot be integrated with cryptocurrency in a meaningful way, the price will likely crash. So if your aim is only to use ICO as a crowdfunding tool, investors are unlikely to buy your tokens.

  1. Create a token

If you’ve determined that your business model benefits greatly from the use of cryptocurrency, then you can start creating an ICO token. It can be in the form of digital coins, certificates, or in-game items. Remember, tokens are the things investors will use to utilize your product/service.

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  1. Get a legal opinion

Cryptocurrency can be tricky, especially for those who don’t know exactly how it all works. To avoid legal troubles with your investors and the SEC, make sure to get a legal opinion, preferably from law firms with extensive experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  1. Write a white paper

A white paper is your business plan, a pitch that outlines the different aspects of your product or service, the problems it aims to solve, and how it will solve them. It’s what will let prospective investors know how valuable your product or service is going to be.

  1. Market your campaign

You can’t sell tokens if investors don’t know they exist. This is why you need to create community and buzz around your products. You can tap into ICO marketing channels or get the help of an ICO PR agency.

  1. Launch your ICO

If everything goes smoothly, your ICO campaign can achieve success. This means reaching your target within a certain timeframe. From there, all you need to do is deliver the value of tokens investors paid for using your product or service.

Market Your ICO Project

ReBlonde is a crypto marketing agency helping businesses and startups market their campaigns, including ICO projects.

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