Blockchain PR Services For The Crypto Bear Market

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Blockchain PR Services For The Crypto Bear Market

The Terra crash earlier this month, compounded by weeks of major cryptocurrencies declining in value, put the crypto and blockchain industry on high alert. The coverage and attention around Terra’s stablecoin (UST) even featured heavily in the mainstream media. As the crypto and blockchain industry continues its maturation, the media’s tendency to focus only on the negative projects or the market’s volatility means blockchain-based companies must be even more strategic with their messaging and marketing efforts. Hiring a fully dedicated PR agency specializing in blockchain technology is no longer a luxury—it should be a top priority.

Communicating Blockchain’s Value

The blockchain industry really blossomed over the last couple of years, led by crypto, but followed up by other applications like NFTs and the Metaverse. Blockchain’s value and innovative characteristics, as the underlying technology supporting several sub sectors, need to be conveyed effectively in order for both industry insiders and outsiders to understand your product, solution, and vision.

Despite blockchain’s recent growth, it is still a relatively new industry. Even before the recent crash in the crypto market, blockchain’s close association with crypto and its scams damaged its reputation. While the vast majority of blockchain and crypto projects are 100 percent legit, the industry still has its fair share of detractors. Effectively and efficiently producing the right type of messaging to discredit these detractors should be the shared objective of both the company and the PR agency.

Leveraging PR For Blockchain

With the crash of UST and the acknowledgement of a bear crypto market, innovative startups have to work twice as hard to receive coverage, let alone good coverage. Whether a token launch, IDO, or exciting partnership, amid these challenging times blockchain PR services can help your company or organization stand out from the crowd.

Overcoming the industry’s unsavory reputation is a challenge for blockchain-based startups of all sizes. But with the right approach and guidance from an experienced agency specializing in blockchain PR services, achieving strong and meaningful coverage across all media formats is attainable.

Leveraging PR For Blockchain

A good PR agency will be by your side and support you regardless of where your business is in its road map. This means listening and understanding your company’s unique value and formulating a tailor-made strategic PR plan to fit its specific needs and goals. Designing on-point messaging that effectively communicates the company’s value proposition is vital for any blockchain-based organization trying to navigate these volatile times.

An ideal agency providing blockchain PR services operates as a partner—one that is truly invested in the success and challenges of its clients. By being a partner, the agency should be in constant communication with its clients, providing regular updates and serving as an advisor to the client when needed. Both sides need to find a way to work together, communicating in a transparent and honest manner in order to enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership. After all with PR, the agency and client win together and lose together, so cooperation and dedication are required.

Successful Blockchain PR Services With ReBlonde

In today’s volatile crypto climate, building a successful PR campaign takes a committed PR team with experience and a deep understanding of the industry and its trends. For this service, ReBlonde and its team of PR experts can help you not just weather this crypto storm, but thrive in it. With over a decade of veteran PR experience and ReBlonde’s dedicated accounts, media, and content teams controlling your blockchain PR operation, you can find your blockchain, crypto, or NFT narrative published in the most prestigious publications, positioning your business among industry leaders. Get your free consultation with us today to discuss your PR needs.



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