How Crypto Marketing Can Bring The Blockchain Down To Earth

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How Crypto Marketing Can Bring The Blockchain Down To Earth

As companies of all sizes try to navigate the unprecedented cryptocurrency bear market, many projects are aiming to reposition themselves to stay ahead. When the wider ecosystem is less stable than usual, underdeveloped marketing and positioning strategies can create even more turbulence. Effective crypto marketing that focuses on robust, real-world benefits can help projects not just survive, but thrive in a bear market.

A hallmark of marketing is assisting projects to quell concerns and uncertainty around the new technologies that comprise their product offering. This pillar is especially vital right now, as a key to maintaining the viability of crypto and digital assets require trust and community-building. Many marketing and public image strategies have focused on the cosmic and celestial possibilities of digital assets, but agile crypto marketing brings great projects back down to earth.

Using Crypto Marketing for Real-World Benefits

One way to take a utility-first approach to build a strategy around digital assets is to focus on how they can materially benefit holders—in both the short and long terms. While some crypto companies center themselves on how their services can unlock financial gains, it can be hard to get the right audiences on board to make this a reality. Blockchain projects can look to provide benefits to holders that are immediately enticing, rather than asking investors to imagine future possibilities.

Using Crypto Marketing for Real-World Benefits

Crypto marketing services can assist companies in attracting the right attention for the real-world benefits they offer. These benefits do have to exist first, but they can range in scope and implementation to offer a unique storytelling component. Utilizing digital assets for utility, security, or exciting experiences and perks are key messaging features that can make a project stand out.

A case study: music and entertainment

An industry that has utilized digital assets to enhance a real-world experience is the music and entertainment industry. In the initial NFT wave, many musicians hopped on as a way to innovate artistic expression and create new ways to communicate with their fans. Artists like Grimes, Arca, and Kings of Leon created original content and offered exclusive perks that offered a utility to their community of supporters.

Likewise, in the field of entertainment, NFTs have a practical usage for holders for multiple reasons. Concert tickets sold as NFTs can act as an interactive memento for concertgoers, creating an eternal ticket stub that can be uniquely tailored to the event, artist, or location. Even industry-shaping events like Coachella have jumped on utilizing NFTs to offer VIP perks, merch, and even auctioning lifetime passes to the festival.

But beyond memorabilia, NFTs provide an added layer of security to authenticate concert tickets, especially on the resale market. Buyers can ensure their tickets are authentic and curb counterfeits if they choose to buy passes to sold-out events from resellers or secondary marketplaces.

Although the music industry has not adopted digital assets perfectly, they have found a way to use crypto to engage with audiences in a real way. Consumers, especially younger demographics, are much more likely to spend money on experiences than on material goods. If crypto projects can find a way to tap into tying physical experiences and high-level perks to their assets, crypto marketing can then unlock a whole new playing field of prospective buyers. This is how to bring the blockchain back to reality and position projects on a more sustainable and, truthfully, more exciting path.

How projects approach the unique challenges that come with the crypto and blockchain spaces can make the effects of intense fluctuations or bear markets ephemeral rather than permanent. ReBlonde offers comprehensive crypto marketing services and strategies for companies looking to make an enduring impact on the blockchain ecosystem. To learn more about our work and schedule a free consultation, please visit



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