An ICO Public Relations Service Can Make or Break an ICO

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An ICO Public Relations Service Can Make or Break an ICO

The ICO boom of 2017 brought many crypto projects to light sadly for mostly the wrong reasons. Nearly 80 percent of those ICOs ended up being scams and swindling investors of nearly $700 million dollars. With a history of fraud in a largely unregulated market, a company looking to make an ICO needs to make a conscious effort to prove its legitimacy.

During an ICO (initial coin offering), blockchain-based startups mint their tokens and offer investors early access in exchange for other forms of crypto such as Bitcoin or Ether. A successful ICO means investors think the token will accrue value and believe in the crypto project. Due to ICOs’ poor track record, that’s much easier said than done.

In order to complete a successful ICO and assuage investors, it’s crucial to have a PR agency that will help you weather the storm. Specifically, an ICO public relations service can help bring your ICO to the forefront and ensure its success. 

ICO public relations service with market expertise

ICO public relations services have unique expertise to help make your ICO as successful as possible. As opposed to just a regular PR agency, one that specializes in ICOs understands the unique landscape of the blockchain market and can help strategize on how to move forward. 

Having a PR agency with extensive ICO experience is critical. With a team of experts in the blockchain industry, the PR agency can craft messaging that both tailor fits your needs and what investors want to hear. Messaging that tells the story of your project and why your ICO is important, can be the difference between a successful ICO and one that flops. Therefore having an army of PR specialists that know and believe in your product is key. 

Media exposure with an ICO public relations service

Validating your ICO to wary investors amid a bear market is no easy feat. Therefore getting media attention becomes critical not only to help raise awareness but also to showing legitimacy that your company is doing something that deserves media attention. 

A PR agency that specializes in ICOs offers extensive media services to help attain coverage in top-tier publications. Seasoned media experts help find the perfect journalists to target to spotlight your company’s ICO. 

During an ICO, news often moves quickly so it’s critical to be with an agency that understands your product right away. Starting with a PR agency that’s already familiar with the crypto landscape helps expedite the onboarding process and produces results that match the speed of news coming in. 

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ReBlonde is an ICO public relations service helping businesses and startups run thriving ICOs. Armed with a team of trained blockchain professionals, ReBlonde helps attract the right media attention for a successful ICO. With press releases, thought leadership, and messaging tailored to your needs, ReBlonde helps guide your company towards a successful ICO. 

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