Mitigating Layoff Drama With a Technology PR Company

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Mitigating Layoff Drama With a Technology PR Company

Unless you’re a sadist and enjoy looking into someone’s eyes and telling them they can no longer afford their mortgage, laying people off isn’t a fun task. It’s rough even on the toughest bosses and can bring certain CEOs to tears. While there isn’t a one size fits all approach to layoffs, there are definitely some big no-no’s.

One size does not fit all

Let’s take the mass zoom call from Nine hundred people entered the call in late December with a job, and by the time they hung up, none of them did. The Softbank-backed mortgage lender let 9 percent of its workforce go in one fell swoop. 

And you would think the company would learn from its mistakes, but made headlines again in may for laying off nearly 3,000 employees because one employee noticed a severance payment in their payslip. Instead of being transparent about the situation, and warning its staff about potential layoffs, the company found itself in a bad situation once the information leaked. 

Layoffs may be inevitable with the current market situation but there are ways to mitigate the damage. But you may be asking why should the company care if the employees are no longer working for them.

Having a technology PR agency can also help gain some positive exposure instead of just bad press.

There isn’t a right way, but there is a better way

Any good technology PR company will tell you that keeping a good relationship with former employees is crucial for positive brand recognition and even an opportunity for great PR for your company. Some good press about how companies sensitively handled layoffs can help position your company as a nice company with a healthy corporate culture. 

Once the market settles down and it’s time for recruitment again, your company will already be in good standing. Being sensitive during tough times is hard for any company large or small. But at the end of the day, it’s a worthwhile investment for the future of your company and its brand. Hiring employees who are excited to work in a company with a healthy corporate culture increases retention rates and reduces the cost of turnover. 

How to leverage the situation with a technology PR company

Having a technology PR agency can also help gain some positive exposure instead of just bad press. By having a PR agency that can help craft messaging, you can keep your company afloat with a good name in the press.  A PR firm can give a platform to either face the issue head-on or steer the conversation away from the issue so that the company can get back on its feet.

ReBlonde is an award-winning technology PR company with experience mitigating crises and helping companies gain positive publicity during tough times. With a team of over 20 seasoned experts, ReBlonde will teach your company how to speak to the press and present beneficial opportunities for your company’s brand. Through proper campaigns and positive media coverage, ReBlonde can help your company come out of the bear market on top. Book your free consultation today, to see how Reblonde can help.



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