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It’s been a chilly winter in the overall global market and many tech startups are struggling to stay warm. Amidst rising inflation and global economic turmoil, many companies are laying off employees and implementing hiring freezes across industries. As companies adjust to market conditions and struggle to stay afloat, they are forced to rethink the roadmap going forward. Refining messaging and having a positive relationship with the press with a technology PR company’s assistance helps startups weather the brutal market storm and give them an edge over competitors.

A Technology PR Company Finds That Perfect Angle

Part of having a competitive edge in the market is knowing your unique value proposition. In other words, a tech company has to know what is uniquely special about them in relation to its competitors. More often than not, new tech projects struggle with discerning what exactly makes them unique and where they are a market fit. Within a startup, the team is passionate about the product and believes in its importance but it’s often hard to translate complicated tech jargon to a value proposition when speaking to potential customers and investors.

A Technology PR Company Finds That Perfect Angle

A technology PR firm has a team of experts in the technological fields with a broad understanding of market conditions. Even more than just the knowledge, they are trained to communicate those unique values to the press. Thus, there is no one better than a PR company to understand and communicate what differentiates one tech company in its respective industry. Technology PR companies can dig deeper to find the core of a project’s unique value proposition and help them stand out in today’s challenging market. 

Building Media Relationships 

Building relationships with the media is easier said than done. Unlike marketing campaigns that can often yield instantaneous results, building relationships with journalists takes time. Journalists only respond to 3.37 percent of all pitches they receive. However, a technology PR agency has an edge in the form of experience and preexisting solid and refined relationships with journalists, reporters, media influencers, and more.

Armed with a team of media specialists, each story is pitched to close contacts in the media who have covered topics of the sort before. Personal relationships with journalists are key to a good technology PR company and a good media contact can get tech projects amazing organic coverage that they otherwise would not receive. Journalists receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of pitches a day, so having that personal connection helps secure better coverage and ensures pitches are being read. 

At Reblonde, we are all about building media relationships. Whether it be with journalists to pitch stories to, or an opinion editor to publish meaningful thought leadership, our team is dedicated to getting your name in the media that suits your company’s needs. For example, our media department works on pitches while the content team works on press releases, ensuring the best success for your campaign. Get your free consultation with ReBlonde today to discuss your PR needs to start building those media relationships today.



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