The Juicy Details That Make PR for Fintech Effective

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Our PR tips for fintech startups struggling with connections

As tech companies across all sectors navigate the ongoing industry downturn and the aftermath of a banking crisis, effective public relations and media outreach is more important than ever to maintain brand presence and build community. But PR is not a one-size-fits-all industry, and PR for fintech comes with unique considerations and challenges in order to effectively relay your value proposition and build awareness.

Fintech is a broad industry that encompasses many different sectors, applications, and niches to explore. And although its expansiveness is great for flexibility, it can also make it difficult for projects to discern what path to go down and how to reach the audiences they want to engage with. When pitching a fintech story to the media, here are a few tips to keep in mind to set expectations and steer your story to attain the best coverage possible.

Get Specific

Both the tech and finance markets find themselves in a turbulent position, which means that getting a project at the intersection of these two industries to stand out can become challenging. But part of what makes a story special is by getting specific and finding the nuances in a project that make it different from any other competitor.

Finding what audience a fintech project will resonate with starts with the niche that the project operates in. That comes from answering a few questions that get to the core of your value proposition and product offering. Is your project operating in crypto or traditional finance? Is it B2B or B2C oriented? Is it a program or product created to aid a specific industry?

fintech PR and communications strategy
An effective fintech PR and communications strategy cannot solely rely on press releases that copy language and branding from competitors

All of these questions are a starting point to guide a PR for fintech strategy, but it’s just the beginning of what is necessary to create a standout brand story. We often see startups and growth-stage projects try and chase trends in fintech based on what industry happens to be popular at any given moment. While that can be effective in the short term to get a project into relevant conversations, it can also result in losing the uniqueness of what a product or service represents.

Sometimes, getting specific also requires recalibrating development goals and messaging around what a project does. Even if a fintech company is in a very crowded niche or a field that doesn’t immediately seem exciting, the right messaging and story will create the building blocks for an effective strategy.

This is also why having a team in your corner can help effectively relay your project’s value and garner the right attention.

How An Agency Can Boost PR For Fintech

Going beyond the press release is essential to maintaining consistent and valuable coverage. Even in the most prosperous markets, a project might not always have an exciting milestone and development that warrants a full-scale media outreach.

But the lull between announcements is precisely the time when an agency can keep the conversation going through a multi-faceted PR for fintech game plan. For instance, another key approach to attain coverage in a quiet period is by developing incisive thought leadership that can speak to a wider phenomenon or a breaking story in the industry. Additionally, press commentary and event partnerships also provide another outlet to connect with key audiences directly. All these different facets serve to help build a user community that supports and grows your project beyond one news cycle.

The world of PR for fintech can be tricky to navigate for a company that is still trying to establish its product offering, image, and unique perspective. An effective fintech PR and communications strategy cannot solely rely on press releases that copy language and branding from competitors.

A PR agency with a trusted track record of success in fintech can help create a long-term press strategy that connects with people and builds a captivating brand story in any market. We encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation to breathe new life into your fintech project or to introduce your ideas to audiences that count.



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