The Value of Crypto Public Relations

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The Value of Crypto Public Relations

The launch of Bitcoin as the world’s first cryptocurrency and blockchain use case in 2008 spawned an entirely new industry that has so far been on a roller coaster ride. From bull to bear markets, to initial coin offerings (ICOs), NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the Metaverse, the industry is constantly growing and evolving. Despite the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies affecting the entire Web3 ecosystem, the successful growth of several key coins and tokens along with a growing number of blockchain applications and the rise of DeFi signals that the industry is here to stay.

With more and more projects across the Web3 space looking to scale and launch, the industry is becoming increasingly saturated, making it even more challenging for innovative projects and startups to get the recognition they warrant. This is a typical reason for companies hiring public relations firms to help them stand out in a crowd. However, with crypto and Web3 only recently entering the mainstream, it is important to partner with a crypto public relations team that has a deep knowledge of the industry.

Crypto Public Relations Trends

Since the industry is still evolving and finding its way, there are constant developments and breaking news events that can have a profound impact on the industry. In short, Web3, crypto, and blockchain make up a dynamic and fast paced industry where a lot can change and happen in a very short period of time.

A dedicated crypto public relations firm can stay on top of all of these trends and leverage their experience, contacts, and knowledge of the industry to use them to their clients advantage. For Web3 startups and projects, especially the smaller ones, investing time and resources into getting your brand out there often entails extra burdens on the marketing department and executive team. These burdens soak up a lot of time and energy, taking the focus away from other important business activities such as market research, product development, fundraising, etc.

Coverage Diversification

Turning to a trusted crypto public relations firm to handle the day-to-day brunt work of achieving strong coverage and generating a positive buzz can do wonders for nascent crypto projects and startups. With so many projects and startups going under, tapping a PR team that has in-depth knowledge of the industry can be the difference between going to the moon and fizzling out.
A dedicated crypto public relations firm will work around the clock to position your company in a way that will facilitate growth through a variety of different services, based on need.

These services should include developing short and long-term strategies, arranging interviews with relevant journalists and podcasts, content creation, consultation, media training, conference pitching, and more. These services, together with an experienced PR team that understands the industry, enable Web3 companies and brands of all types to maximize their growth potential.

Any Web3 project, whether a blockchain-gaming platform, DeFi protocol, exchange, or otherwise, demands an experienced team specializing in crypto public relations to help them generate all types of coverage, exposing them to the widest possible audience.

ReBlonde provides innovative startups within the blockchain industry with the necessary PR services to not just succeed, but thrive. With over a decade of veteran PR experience within the blockchain space, ReBlonde’s dedicated accounts, media, and content team can run your crypto PR operation, getting your Web3 narrative published in the best places. Get a free consultation with us today to discuss your PR needs!



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