An Introduction to AI PR And Its Powerful Potential

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Amid industry-wide turbulence in tech, AI projects are lucky enough to enjoy a massive resurgence in popularity, progress, and funding. And there are a few key developments to thank for that. OpenAI and other large-scale, user-facing generative AI companies are reaching hundreds of millions of users around the world by demonstrating an approachable and effective AI model that seemingly anyone can use and play with.

Naturally, founders and companies in such a popular and well-received field might not think they need AI PR services to maintain their brand image and communications. After all, a model can easily generate the skeleton of a press release and come up with ideas for an op-ed.

But that’s not entirely true. Yes, we are witnessing an unforeseen wave of popularity for AI as a whole, but not all of that attention is necessarily positive. In fact, as popular as AI has become, its adoption has corresponded with a healthy amount of criticism and detractors. Repeated recent scandals around AI ethics, black box models, and impacts on the workforce and creative industries illustrate why AI PR cannot be ignored regardless of its prominence.

Likewise, the heightened attention also means that a tidal wave of trendy AI startups are now flooding the market. And without a proper communications team or strategy, companies will get lost in the crowd faster than it takes Dall-E to generate an impressionist portrait of a cat.

What Does AI PR Entail?

Every tech sector has its own unique set of needs requiring equally unique strategies to go about attracting target audiences and attaining great coverage. And AI is no exception. But since AI is trending right now, the industry has splintered off into many different niches and applications, with new companies coming out of the woodwork every day.

In that sense, AI PR requires a solid foundation and story to build a strategy. When so many startups are competing for coverage, users, and funds, it’s important to solidify what makes a company exciting and different. That’s especially true if you’re between significant milestones or product releases that can organically generate more press interest.

It’s also a common misconception that PR is solely for spin or crisis management, and therefore companies that are acting benevolently and avoiding scandals don’t need it. In reality, crisis communications are only one of many arms that make up an impactful communications strategy. Utilizing PR outside of crisis mode can not only help steer a company through such situations tactfully but also help avoid them altogether. But that’s only part of the reason why AI PR is necessary even in relatively prosperous times.

Why PR For AI Companies Is Essential

With decades of experience in the tech industry, we’ve seen so many trend waves come and go across multiple sectors. And while very few trends have reached the apex that AI is at right now, that doesn’t mean the industry will have this amount of attention forever.

Building out an effective and multifaceted PR strategy now is vital for AI companies of any size to ensure that they can achieve sustained coverage and steadily grow their audience, no matter where the trends go next. PR builds media relationships and a dependable brand trust that no amount of marketing can replicate, but reaching that point doesn’t come from hiring an agency solely when your company is in crisis.

Growth-stage or startup companies often believe PR is useless outside of relaying major announcements, thinking that a story will instantaneously garner press coverage. But real, robust brand-building happens in these quiet periods and sets the stage for genuine media interest when it is time to announce a milestone, funding round, or partnership. Nobody can attain coverage with the snap of a finger, and that’s why maintaining a regular communications strategy remains so vital.

As tech PR experts, ReBlonde has a wealth of experience crafting campaigns and media outreaches for AI projects to maximize coverage and connect with the right audiences. Lear more about our PR for AI companies, contact us today.



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