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We’ve all become accustomed to hearing about cyber attacks and data breaches. Last year saw a 38 percent increase in global cyber attacks, compared to 2021, according to cyber security firm Check Point. The escalation of hacks can be attributed to the increased agility of hackers and ransomware gangs who focused on exploiting collaboration tools used by remote workers and educational institutions during the pandemic.

With the infrastructure of crucial industries like education and healthcare under threat, innovative cyber security startups and organizations take aim at bad actors trying to steal our personal data and disrupt industries. Cyber security players help protect the public and private sectors from threats by merging tried-and-true industry best practices with cutting-edge tools and solutions to provide organizations of all kinds with a strong security posture against malicious attacks designed to access, alter, delete, destroy, or extort sensitive information.

Why Cyber Security Needs PR

For cyber security startups and companies in this environment of heightened threats, it’s easy to be overlooked with the amount of competition available today. Therefore a reputable cyber security PR agency is a must for any cyber security vendor looking to boost brand awareness and drive growth.

In an industry as dynamic as cyber security, having an agency behind you takes a lot of pressure off the entire organization, allowing sales and marketing to focus on what they do best and allowing the management and executives to focus on growing the company and other big-picture priorities.

A dedicated cyber security PR agency will come up with a multi-pronged PR strategy customized to fit your organization’s needs. Regardless of where you are on your roadmap, a PR agency specializing in cyber security will work around the clock to make sure that all fronts are covered.

What Makes a Top Tier Cyber Security PR Agency?

Any top tier PR agency serving the cyber security industry will likely offer a wide range of services. These should include classic public relations services designed neatly into a customized PR strategy that combines media outreach, thought leadership, press release distribution, content creation, and media monitoring. While every cyber security company, from small startups to global firms, has its own set of needs, these standard services serve as a backbone to an effective PR strategy geared towards increasing visibility and building a positive brand awareness and image.

Reputation management is another service leading cyber security PR agencies offer because this industry depends heavily on trust and security. A talented cyber security PR agency can smoothly manage a crisis or scandal by proactively shaping public perception without compromising the company’s core values and ideologies. This can be done by leveraging contacts within major media outlets to convey the company’s narrative, media training, and a full court media blitz to ensure that online content and conversations are accurate and up-to-date.

Other key services that should be included in a PR strategy should center around gaining as much coverage as possible through strategic targeted outreaches that focus on interviews, podcasts, and speaking opportunities. This can also be done even when your company doesn’t have any updates, product releases, or other general news. By leveraging relationships with cyber security and general tech publications and outlets, company leaders and executives can benefit from having their names and brands associated with breaking news stories through commentary opportunities.

Regardless of what type of cyber security services or products your company provides, the value a dedicated cyber security PR agency offers can enable your business to stand out among a crowded field. As a reputable cyber security PR agency, ReBlonde offers comprehensive cyber PR services that will help you build brand awareness, expand website traffic, and expand your customer engagement. Contact us today for a free consultation on how ReBlonde’s experienced team of PR professionals can help increase your visibility, grow web traffic, and boost sales.



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