What Key Factors Make a Blockchain PR Agency Dynamic?

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What Key Factors Make a Blockchain PR Agency Dynamic?

When it comes time for a blockchain or crypto project to hire a PR agency, there are a multitude of agencies to choose from. But how does a project know if an agency is a good fit for their product or service? And how can it tell if it has the background to help them land phenomenal coverage?

Of course, you can, and should, look at an agency’s client portfolio and the other projects they’ve landed proven coverage for. And there is nothing more powerful than a good word-of-mouth endorsement or client testimony to help make a decision. But there are other key characteristics and factors that make a blockchain PR agency stand out for the right reasons.

Whether your project is gearing up to announce some important milestones, unleash a new product into the market, looking to rebuild brand messaging, or in need of a crisis management strategy, these are a few qualities that make up a high-octane blockchain PR agency.

Speaking The Industry’s Language

There are few tech spaces that undergo constant evolutions like blockchain and crypto does. And that makes the industry exciting, but can also create challenges for agencies that are not consistently up-to-date on the industry’s shifting dynamics and trends. An effective blockchain PR agency leverages its knowledge and experience in a niche sector to make sure a project doesn’t just adapt with the times but stays ahead of the curve.

Blockchain and crypto, like any industry, also come with their own lexicon and vocabulary to master. That, however, can make certain aspects of the industry that are more abstract or technically complicated difficult to disseminate to mainstream audiences and media. From macro-level trends to minute technical details, an agency that understands the industry and products within it can also help translate complex concepts to a wider audience.

In this case, one thing to look for in an agency is a specialized practice or experience that deals in your project’s sector. For instance, not every tech PR agency may necessarily have a background or specialty in blockchain, but others will.

Creative Perspectives

Building off speaking the industry’s language, an effective blockchain PR agency embraces creativity and innovation that can only come from years of experience and deep industry knowledge.

In a highly competitive and growing industry, it can seem incredibly difficult to stand out and attract attention from the media and other key audiences, such as VCs. This is where a PR agency can step in to hone in on brand messaging to build the most intriguing and compelling story possible, even during times when a project might not have any big announcements. What separates a good agency from a great one is a creative flair and an ability to find sharp angles and perspectives that a project might not be able to uncover on its own.

Here, what a company should look for in a blockchain PR agency are case studies and past clients. And this doesn’t just apply to news stories, but to other aspects of public relations and brand-building such as thought leadership and other types of coverage.

Diverse And Resilient Media Relations

When you combine industry knowledge and creativity with wide-reaching and robust media relations, that’s where you can create PR magic. An effective agency is able to balance all these factors to relay an announcement or story impactfully. Not to say that coverage is guaranteed just because of an existing relationship, but a wide pool of contacts can connect a project to an outlet it may not have considered viable.

Likewise, finding new angles can unlock the potential for coverage in a new niche or outside of industry-specific publications. Connecting the dots between a project and a new audience comes from skill and experience, even if the connection doesn’t seem obvious at first.

Finding a High-octane Blockchain PR Agency

Ultimately, selecting a PR agency that works for your project’s needs and ambitions boils down to a few key decisions. But there are certainly ways to discern if a blockchain PR agency is the right fit for your goals.

At ReBlonde, our agency boasts over a decade of expertise and experience in the blockchain industry, consistently landing our clients’ coverage in major publications regardless of their niche or industry-specific sector. As PR leaders, our team keeps its finger on the pulse of industry trends across tech and is ready to ensure your project gets in front of the right eyes and audiences. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about the tools at our disposal to help build your audience and coverage.



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