Leveraging Thought Leadership With The Support of a Fintech PR Company

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Today’s globalized financial world increasingly depends on technology. Since the advent of the computer and the internet, banks and financial institutions have made use of cutting-edge technology to provide businesses and individual clients with the most efficient financial-service tools. The blending of financial services with the latest technology gave birth in the late 90s to the “fintech” industry.

Fintech today looks very different from what it did back then, as a steady rise in internet users turned the sector into a dynamic industry valued at around $165.2 billion. The fintech industry is full of innovative and disruptive solutions, with new startups entering the space on a daily basis. This makes it challenging for new startups looking to raise funds or awareness to stand out.

Since the industry is so dynamic, with waves of new solutions and trends developing on a regular basis, a well-regarded fintech PR company can help a fintech startup get their strategic messaging across, attract journalists’ attention, and lead outreach campaigns. To support these efforts, another area where PR can help a young fintech company is through thought leadership, which is increasingly becoming a necessity within fintech and the broader tech landscape.

Being a founder or serving as a CEO of a tech company organically elevates one’s voice within the industry. However, this doesn’t automatically establish him or her as a thought leader or industry expert.

This is where a reputable fintech PR company can really be of assistance. Thought leadership starts with having a deep knowledge of everything within the respective field, and this centers around being in-tune with all developments and trends. Most fintech founders and executives possess this knowledge and understanding, but investing time and energy into conveying this expertise to the target audience is where skilled PR teams.

The fintech industry, with all its dynamism, also covers a lot of ground. In this sense, the industry is impacted by a wide range of trends that cover everything from global markets and regulations, to tech developments in the fields of AI, automation, cloud computing, and Big Data. Even blockchain and crypto are relevant to fintech as they operate in a parallel space to the wider financial sector.

Partnering with a fintech PR company enables fintech founders and executives to accelerate their thought leadership status without having to reduce their attention from the everyday duties of running a startup.

In what areas can PR help establish thought leadership?

Opinion Pieces

Today’s most recognized thought leaders are essentially their own brands, sometimes as recognizable as the companies they run—think Sam Altman, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. When these people talk, everyone in the industry listens.

Working with a fintech PR company to produce high-quality opinion articles is a great way to start building one’s reputation and credibility. And a PR team with a finger on the industry’s pulse can work with the founder to find interesting and niche topics relevant to current trends to formulate an engaging and informative piece. Whether the thought leadership piece takes a strong stance on an issue or seeks to educate readers about a specific technical aspect, talented PR professionals can leverage their relationships with top publications to make sure the piece finds the target audience.


Commentaries are another avenue that fintech PR professionals will leverage to boost their clients’ thought leadership status. PR representatives stay in constant contact with a wide network of journalists within the industry to provide clients with plenty of opportunities to share their thoughts on a breaking news story or a new trend.

These commentaries allow burgeoning thought leaders to promote themselves, and by proxy their company, to a wider audience. Additionally, commentaries introduce the client as an authority figure sharing their expert point of view. Leveraging commentary opportunities is a quick and easy way for founders and executives from fintech startups to put their own name and company in the middle of some of the most influential industry publications.

How ReBlonde can help

As a veteran PR agency specializing in fintech, ReBlonde can help your company with a wide range of PR efforts, including thought leadership. ReBlonde’s team of PR experts works closely to ensure your strategic messaging is on point, while molding your brand’s story in the most impactful way, and ensuring company announcements are getting the best coverage possible.

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