What’s The Difference Between Crypto PR and DAO PR?

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The Difference Between Crypto PR and DAO PR

When we examine how to conduct effective PR strategies for blockchain projects, there is a complex lexicon and many diverging media landscapes to keep in mind. This is especially true when dealing with decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

But is DAO PR so different that other blockchain communications strategies won’t work for them? The answer is a little more complex than a simple yes or no. These key differences will illustrate the different PR tools that DAOs require in order to communicate clearly and impactfully.

Community Management

Before differentiating what sets DAO PR apart, it’s vital to understand that public relations strategies or campaigns are never a “one-size-fits-all” path for any industry. Blockchain and crypto are no exception to this rule.

One major difference in how to conduct successful PR for a DAO is the community management facet. This difference demands much more focus than other blockchain sectors. DAOs rely heavily on cultivating a community in order to have it govern and function properly, otherwise, they can devolve into complete chaos.

Although community management and stakeholder relations are also key factors for most other blockchain and crypto projects, it doesn’t always necessarily take precedence over other communication pillars. DAO PR necessitates negotiating with far more community members and keeping them in the loop on governance decisions and ongoing developments. Since other crypto and even DeFi projects aren’t bound by contributor votes in order to decide on developmental steps or partnerships, building a community narrative isn’t required to move forward.

Let’s say a DAO is looking to gain more contributors, help promote its native token, or partner with a social cause, as DAOs often do. That can’t happen without a robust community that supports the organization’s very foundation. And how do you ensure a community is on the same page with the organization’s goals through DAO PR? By defining brand ethos.

Defining Brand Ethos

Establishing brand ethos is an irreplaceable aspect of building community trust and getting contributors on board with governance choices and upcoming DAO projects. Getting to that point goes hand in hand with ironing out brand messaging and a clear governance roadmap. If crypto projects, and DAOs especially, could once get away with being vague about their goals, that is absolutely no longer the case.

DAO PR can help nail down exactly what that messaging is and what a DAO actually stands for in terms of long-term ambitions, scaling goals, and building contributor awareness. This is, of course, complementary to the needs of other crypto projects, but again requires more strategy and clarity when communicating with the complexity of decentralized organizations.

By nature, DAOs typically don’t abide by a traditional hierarchy, but there is usually still some kind of pecking order when it comes to decision-making and contributor impacts. Preventing key governance decisions from falling through keeps a DAO on track with its initial goals and maintains its ethos. A lack of clarity and consistent communication can cause a DAO to go completely off the rails and lose the trust of its community and contributors, potentially leading to its collapse.

This, again, deviates from traditional crypto PR because it involves balancing creativity with responsibility to the core foundations of how a DAO develops and conducts business.

How Can a Tech Communications Agency Help With DAO PR?

For DAOs looking to onboard an agency to help with their communications, selecting a team that has experience in both crypto and DAO PR can ensure the most effective results in both media coverage and community management.

Most facets of DAO and crypto communications are intertwined with each other, but having a team in your corner that understands the nuances and unique needs of a DAO makes all the difference. From solidifying creative brand messaging and media outreach, to community management, our public relations experts leverage years of blockchain and DAO PR experience to deliver authentically impactful results. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with us.



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