Attaining Funding With The Help of Technology PR Companies

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Attaining Funding With The Help of Technology PR Companies

For tech startups, VC funding and angel investors are the oxygen that enables them to survive. Without steady and incremental funding during the early stages of a new business, innovative startups wouldn’t be able to stay in business for long. A major factor in securing funding comes through media coverage highlighting the company, its founders, products, or its  milestones.

But in today’s highly competitive tech environment, it can be very challenging for startups and early-growth companies to generate the necessary awareness around their brand or products and services. With new technologies and trends changing on almost a monthly, if not weekly, basis, securing organic coverage for up-and-coming startups takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

For most young tech startups, the vast majority of their attention is on putting together a strategic roadmap and developing a product, with limited capacity for marketing, and even less for media outreach and relations. Overcoming this obstacle impacting a majority of today’s startups can be done by partnering with technology PR companies.

How Can PR Help Attract Investors?

Working with a reputable PR agency enables nascent startups to focus on laying the foundation for their businesses, while the agency does the heavy lifting on the media front. The best technology PR companies leverage well-established relationships with a wide network of industry publications and journalists. The best agencies also have experienced teams with in-depth knowledge of all tech verticals—be it fintech, blockchain, medtech, AI, and more.

The main objective of any PR team is to boost awareness by introducing your company, products, and leaders to the most influential journalists and publications relevant to your company or startup. By leveraging media relationships and forging new ones, talented PR teams craft on-point messages that catch the attention of influential journalists who then write about the company, its founder, or an announcement or product launch.

As they say in the industry: PR is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. No startup comes out of nowhere to get covered by the New York Times, CNN, or even TechCrunch, but dedicated and skilled technology PR companies will get your company into top industry publications. This puts your startup in front of the exact right target audience, including investors.

And since PR is a marathon, having a series of announcements, features, and media coverage signals to investors that this startup is not only worthy of being covered but also that it’s showing progress and growth. Being able to demonstrate that your startup is progressing over time is precisely what VCs and other investors want to see, especially in times of down markets which tend to see investors become more selective.

Leveraging Tech PR Tactics to Attract Investors

As mentioned the best way to attract and secure funding is through steady and consistent media coverage. To catch the eye of investors, it’s always beneficial to have company announcements covered by influential media outlets. This is a cornerstone to any PR campaign.

But most startups may not have a consistent flow of news-worthy announcements or milestones for a PR team to work with, so a dedicated PR agency will still leverage its media contacts to generate alternative coverage and buzz. Any PR campaign can be enhanced through other avenues which could be thought leadership, full-length features, interviews with key team members, podcast appearances, commentaries, and speaking opportunities.

These alternative avenues blend traditional and non-traditional PR tactics by developing innovative strategies and taking advantage of new and trending mediums, such as podcasts and interactive social media tools like Twitter Spaces. These types of avenues provide startups and their founders or executives creative ways to promote their companies and demonstrate the value they provide, often directly to the target audience.

To stand out to investors, tech-focused PR teams need to use all available resources to gain coverage for their clients. Whether it’s developing relationships with reporters to get a client’s commentary featured in an analysis article or working with the client to submit a relevant op-ed piece to a leading tech publication, the best technology PR companies have a long list of tactics and avenues to generate client coverage outside of a standard press release pitch.

How ReBlonde Can Boost Your PR Activity   

At ReBlonde we serve as a dedicated partner, capable of assisting large established companies further expand as well as working with smaller startups to build awareness and secure impactful coverage in order to lure investors. With its experienced teams of PR professionals providing a wide range of Tech PR services, ReBlonde provides tech companies of all shapes and sizes with tailored-PR strategies built around generating wide and diverse coverage.

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