How Thought Leadership Impacts Cyber Security PR Success

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How Thought Leadership Impacts Cyber Security PR Success

A common misconception around tech PR lies in the belief that it strictly relies on media relations and big, axis-shifting news stories. And it can certainly seem that way when you analyze leading tech or financial publications covering huge funding stories, household names releasing new products, or interviews with charismatic CEOs.

Leaders helping build startups or growth-stage companies might feel there’s no way to compete if they don’t have high-caliber news to share with the world. Especially those working in more niche sectors looking for coverage through a fintech, crypto, or cyber security PR agency.

But in reality, media relations is only one part of the PR puzzle. And thankfully, it’s not the sole piece that guarantees success in cyber security PR efforts. The tools that companies have at their disposal when they take on a communications agency are actually much more varied and don’t rely on constant progress—they just require more imagination.

Don’t be afraid of an opinion

Thought leadership has grown into an integral part of building a communications strategy, especially in ever-evolving sectors like tech. Making your expertise and perspective known to the public through an incisive op-ed, timely commentary, and even blog posts add a new dimension to media coverage that’s more personal and relatable.

Building thought leadership for individuals within a company’s executive team boosts the profile of both the individuals and the company itself. It creates a positive perception by saying “these people and this company have something unique to add” without requiring a groundbreaking story or paradigm-shifting technological development. And in the competitive landscape of cyber security PR, a singular perspective becomes invaluable in order to stand out.

While op-eds and commentaries are not as directly self-promotional as a press release might be, they do promote a project in a completely different way. Thought leadership establishes a personal narrative that can support a wider news story, granting publications and readers context into the issues a product might be aiming to solve.

But it doesn’t have to work in tandem with news releases—op-eds and other forms of thought leadership become even more essential when a project enters a lull or periods in between major milestones. It works as a humanizing way to establish a consistent media presence that doesn’t hinge on having the most impressive news story in the world.

Does thought leadership have to be controversial?

Sometimes, but it’s far from being necessary. Likewise, controversy is a very fine tightrope to walk and can often lead to unpredictable or even negative results. In the cyber security PR space, it might not be an effective strategy to seem brusque or contrarian when it comes to a very serious and technically dense sector.

That being said, what does make for effective thought leadership lies in the unique perspective of the author. In a space dealing with constantly evolving threats, cyber security leaders benefit from offering timely, considered, and helpful responses to news events and general industry trends. Bringing something new to the table sets you apart in the conversation and establishes authority.

Opinion pieces create an opportunity for leaders to express their passion and industry expertise outside the confines of a press release. That enthusiasm and knowledge are palpable even through the written word when the right audiences get a hold of it. Thought leadership rounds out an effective PR strategy because it creates a window into the thoughts of the team behind a product or brand.

But expressing an opinion through a thought leadership strategy doesn’t always come naturally for tech founders. This is where an agency of tech PR experts step up to the plate.

How a cyber security PR agency can help

When a project decides to take on a communications team, an agency that specializes in tech and cyber security PR can help establish a clear thought leadership strategy that compliments more traditional media relations. From developing op-ed angles to securing commentary opportunities and brainstorming ideas, our team of tech PR experts is there to assist thought leadership efforts at every step of the way. To learn how our cyber security PR experience can help your team land excellent coverage, contact us for a free consultation.



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