Impact of PR for AI Companies in The Financial Sector

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PR for AI Companies in The Financial Sector - Fintech

With ChatGPT’s unprecedented popularity and the launch of other generative AI tools from Big Tech conglomerates, commentators will have you believe we’ve entered the “Golden Age of AI.” And they might not be wrong. AI is already impacting our lives in many different ways, and the hype isn’t the result of great PR for AI companies, but rather major advancements in its capabilities and scale through machine learning, deep learning, large language models (LLMs), and more.

A growing number of businesses and organizations are turning to AI to help streamline various operational processes. From healthcare organizations to retail to manufacturing to Hollywood, AI’s Golden Age is transforming the way so many industries operate.

AI in the Financial Sector

While more businesses, organizations, and industries turn to AI to boost their bottom lines, the financial sector might be one of AI’s biggest adopters. From global investment firms to Main Street credit unions and nascent fintech startups, AI offers a wide range of solutions and tools to expedite and automate a wide range of operations and services.

AI-based tools are no longer a luxury but a necessity as the financial industry enters the AI phase of its digital transformation. AI’s ability to process massive amounts of customer and market data, and transform it into easily digestible insights enables it to be an effective tool for banks to improve strategic planning. Furthermore, AI can help banks and financial institutions detect fraud and other financial crimes, provide risk management assessments, enhance customer experience, and more.

Gartner estimates that by 2025 three-quarters of financial teams globally will use AI-powered applications and tools to automate tasks and improve decision-making processes. While other data shows that 85 percent of financial companies—whether traditional or fintech—already leverage fintech AI tools, it’s clear that there is plenty of room for AI to expand within the financial-services sphere.

But for emerging AI startups building innovative solutions and tools for the financial sector, entering the highly competitive marketplace often means battling with larger established AI firms or tech giants like IBM and Google.

This makes it particularly challenging for startups to build brand awareness and gain notoriety for their products. But turning to a reputable public relations agency with experience doing PR for AI companies enables innovative startups to get the word out about their brand and products or services.

The Art of AI PR

AI-focused startups often have little time to invest in brand awareness, content creation, and event promotion—they are too focused on big-picture strategies, developing a roadmap, securing funding, and establishing work processes. This is where a PR agency can help pick up the slack and enable C-level executives and managers to focus on the core business objectives.

Choosing an established and well-regarded agency with experience in executing PR for AI companies can provide AI startups serving the financial sector, or any other sector for that matter, with the tools and ammunition they need to get their name out there. A dedicated PR agency catering to AI startups can offer a wide range of services geared toward getting top-tier coverage and driving growth.

Whether leveraging relationships with journalists and media outlets, drafting succinct press releases, managing crises, conducting in-depth market analyses, or establishing thought leadership status, the benefits of partnering with a talented PR agency are limitless. This is especially true in AI due to the industry’s intense, fast-paced nature.

How ReBlonde Can Help

At ReBlonde we provide the highest standard of PR for AI companies by leveraging our connections, expertise, and experience within the industry long before the rise of ChatGPT. ReBlonde offers a deep understanding of AI’s technical aspects and a dedicated team of PR experts working tirelessly to deliver results. By providing a wide range of traditional and non-traditional PR services, AI companies can anticipate landing great coverage within major industry publications and strategic campaigns designed towards generating brand awareness and growth.

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