Why Your Startup Needs Fin Tech PR to Stand Out

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Your Startup Needs Fin Tech PR

Since the development of the modern banking system over three centuries ago, it stood as an unrivaled gateway to the world of finance and commerce. As the world became more industrialized, these financial institutions only grew in power and prestige as markets became internationalized.

As the Internet gained more users in the late 1990s, online trading platforms like E*Trade allowed individual investors to have convenient access to Wall Street from their home computers. The Internet also facilitated online payment processing, pioneered by Paypal, which enabled businesses to invoice clients while laying the groundwork for the now-massively-popular e-commerce industry.

In the 21st century as more and more financial-like products and services started leveraging digital technologies and networks, the term fin tech, or fintech, came about to include this broad range of applications, services, tools, and solutions.

Fin Tech’s Impact 

The financial technology sector is extremely diverse, covering everything from digital payments, crowdfunding, lending and borrowing, personal finance, and much more. Driven by technology advancements, the industry is very dynamic, and new fin tech products enter the market on a regular basis.

As such, the industry is extremely competitive with new startups launching and closing all the time. This presents a challenge for young innovative startups in the space looking to secure much-needed media coverage. But this challenge can be solved by partnering with a well-regarded fin tech PR agency.

What Can PR Do for Fin Tech?

PR is all about building trust and communicating a company’s value proposition directly to the target audience. The financial world is essentially built on trust—the trust of an intermediary tasked with safeguarding your fortune. While people tend to complain about banks and their influence, they are still trusted by an overwhelming majority of people to hold and manage their hard-earned money.

One of the best ways to build trust and demonstrate credibility is to have press releases or features published in leading tech, financial, or business publications. This, of course, also builds brand awareness and informs the financial world of a startup’s product or service.

The best fin tech PR agencies leverage their connections with mainstream and niche publications to ensure that major or minor company announcements get the maximum amount of possible press coverage. PR agencies familiar with the ins and outs of the fin tech industry can attract reporters to cover these announcements by crafting the perfect messaging for press releases as well as pitches.

Best Fintech PR Agency - ReBlonde

The best PR agencies serving the fin tech industry have other tools at their disposal to supplement and support press releases. While press releases are the centerpiece of most PR strategies, it helps to find other channels to further boost brand awareness. These could include thought leadership pieces, print, TV, or podcast interviews, commentary opportunities, brand building, and more.

A dedicated fin tech PR agency will build a tailor-made PR strategy for each fin tech client. With the right messaging, some creativity, and connections, PR can help any innovative fin tech startup land the coverage they need to build credibility, brand awareness, and enjoy growth.

How ReBlonde Can Help

As a veteran agency specializing in fin tech PR, ReBlonde can help your company with a wide range of PR efforts, including thought leadership, brand building, and strategic planning. ReBlonde’s team of PR experts works closely to ensure your strategic messaging is on point while molding your brand’s story in the most impactful way, and ensuring company announcements are receiving the best coverage possible within a dynamic fin tech industry.

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