Evaluating Results From a Tech PR Company

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Evaluating Results From a Tech PR Company

Established tech companies across all verticals constantly need to maintain growth or they risk losing their market share, falling behind their competition, and ultimately becoming irrelevant. Likewise, startups are constantly searching for investors to provide an influx of liquidity to, simply, stay in business.

Maintaining growth or convincing investors to open their wallets can be an endeavor that leads many businesses in the tech sector to turn to outside help for public relations. While marketing is typically a crucial in-house department that establishes the brand image and messaging, outside PR agencies amplify those efforts and build credibility.

What can a tech PR company do?

A reputable PR agency leverages a variety of tools and methods to help a company or organization maximize their brand awareness by steadily securing coverage within relevant media outlets. For any tech company, the value of a public relations campaign can’t be overlooked because the industry’s competitive nature and dynamism means the space is constantly evolving as new innovations and trends come out.

A top-tier tech PR company will provide its clients with services that go far beyond crafting timely press releases to highlight company news, milestones, and product launches. While press releases and media outreaches are the cornerstone to any PR campaign, the best agencies find ways to get their clients placed even during periods where there are no newsworthy announcements.

Even in quiet periods, a successful PR company will land its clients in industry publications with an impact, such as mediacoverage.com.

Whether through interviews with founders or CEOs, appearances on podcasts, or securing commentary opportunities with leading tech and mainstream publications, having a dedicated PR team on your side will certainly expand your company’s brand awareness while building or maintaining its credibility.

But how can a tech company evaluate the impact of their PR efforts?

Evaluating the results from a PR campaign  

Evaluating the work of a tech PR company is no exact science, as there are many factors in play. Here, it’s important to remember the differences between marketing and PR. While marketing’s main objective is to ultimately drive sales, PR is more about ensuring the company, brand, or leadership team is portrayed positively through media channels that reach the target audience.

This means, traditional growth metrics like sales figures, website visits, and new followers don’t always tell the full story. The best way to evaluate the work of a PR campaign is to measure and track the coverage received over an extended period of time. The best PR campaigns start out steady and pick up momentum as they go, creating a snowball effect of coverage. Starting with industry publications like mediacoverage.com, going all the way to The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch, PR is a gradual journey toward visibility.

Of course, not all coverage is equal and comparing hits in a top tier publication vs a smaller niche publication that engages directly with the target audience requires a bit of analysis to determine which would be more impactful. Ultimately, the best way to evaluate a PR team’s efforts is to see a steady increase in coverage that reaches the target audience.

The best PR partners are transparent and communicate all their efforts being done. This type of communication is key because it sets the client’s expectations and builds trust which benefits the overall collaboration.

How ReBlonde can help

As a veteran tech PR company, ReBlonde has experience helping startups and more established companies from various tech sectors achieve their specific PR goals. Through a range of PR efforts that blend creativity with experience and familiarity with leading journalists and publications, ReBlonde’s team of PR experts works closely to craft a customized PR strategy.

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