How a Great Technology PR Company Evolves With The Times

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How a Great Technology PR Company Evolves With The Times

Very few industries accelerate and shift gears at the consistent speed of high tech. From cutting-edge AI applications, to medical advancements, to new blockchain use-cases, there’s an undeniable momentum in nearly every sector of the tech ecosystem.

But when it comes to communications, it’s imperative that a technology PR company can manouevre with the same dexterity as the rest of the industry. In an ever-shifting landscape, it’s not beneficial to have a project’s communications lag behind in terms of impact and cadence. This is especially true in cutthroat sectors where hundreds or thousands of startups and projects are competing for media attention.

There are many aspects that make a PR agency great, but what sets an excellent agency apart from the pack is the ability to evolve with the times and quickly adapt to industry changes.

Changing narratives

Due to the extent that tech has entrenched itself into our daily lives, the industry alone commands a certain degree of attention. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all the attention is positive.

Part of the job of a technology PR company is to take the general temperature of the industry in order to situate a story or build a narrative for a project. Of course, it’s always helpful to have a generally positive industry outlook, but that’s not always the case. That’s especially true of nascent or volatile sectors, such as the blockchain, that are constantly scrutinized and dissected in the public eye.

Here, a technology PR company is responsible for guiding a project through thick and thin. Media landscapes can be incredibly unpredictable, and an agency with less expertise or immersion in the nuances of tech media reporting may have a harder time navigating its choppy waters. When it comes to nailing messaging, building relationships with reporters, or landing interviews—a technology PR company that has established itself as a liaison between projects and the media they’re trying to reach out to will always have an advantage.

That’s not to say that a more general agency is unable to land great coverage. But having a team in your project’s corner that has withstood the changing tides of tech media and shifting narratives across a litany of sectors can help a story stand out for the right reasons.

Going beyond a press release

Of course, when it comes to PR, a great story will speak for itself. The problem is getting a milestone noticed in the sea of competitors vying for coverage. That’s why a technology PR company that solely relies on press releases and major milestones won’t be able to keep up with the pace of the industry and deliver exceptional results.

Creativity goes a long way when it comes to securing coverage, and an agency with a skilled team can go outside the press release or media alert box. Media is not a one-sided coin, and there are ways that a technology PR company can keep projects in the conversation without a linear sequence of announcements.

Thought leadership, for instance, provides an invaluable outlet to land coverage in both tier one and niche publications without requiring a press release or media outreach. An agency can help a company’s leadership team create thoughtful and incisive op-eds that establish founders as leaders in the industry by providing unique insights or perspectives on a phenomenon or hot-button issue.

Likewise, a technology PR company works with a project to secure speaking opportunities in high-profile industry events, podcasts, and commentary opportunities across different platforms.

At ReBlonde, our team of tech PR professionals set us apart from other agencies. Our tech focus across multiple sectors within the industry gives us a unique perspective and expertise in all aspects of tech. For nearly two decades, our stance as a technology PR company working with projects of all sizes positions us as leaders in multi-faceted tech communications.

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