What is Cyber Privacy PR Good For?

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What is Cyber Privacy PR Good For?

In an industry powered by constant innovation and development, it’s not uncommon for projects or entire sectors that once dominated the tech landscape to disappear from the conversation completely. But certain sectors have woven themselves into the fabric of tech development no matter where the industry moves to, and cybersecurity and cyber privacy are two such sectors.

Cybersecurity and cyber privacy have been a part of the tech landscape for decades, acting as a united line of defense against digital attacks in all its forms. But they’re not one and the same. While they are complementary, this can often become a trap for cyber-privacy startups looking to expand their media presence and take on a cyber PR agency as news outlets can either misconstrue or misrepresent what a project actually does.

While it can be a challenge to define what is cyber privacy’s role in protecting users, a team of tech PR professionals knows what steps are necessary to craft a compelling brand story.

Not one size fits all

Any PR professional will attest to the fact that no PR or communications strategy follows the same path, even if it’s for two projects in the same sector or niche. Cyber privacy is absolutely no exception to this.

While often painted with the same brush in the public’s eye, the foundations of what cyber privacy protects users or institutions from diverge from classic cybersecurity. Cyber privacy deals in data, a gold mine of any tech user’s digital psyche, and what entities have access to it. That accessible data and what it’s useful for also varies depending on the sector, which is why it’s even more critical for cyber privacy projects to define themselves. What is cyber privacy for the blockchain will not have the same answer as what is cyber privacy for AI and IoT.

Since so much data is up for grabs across the tech landscape, advancements have also emerged to help users conceal their privacy both in hardware and software forms. Countless VPNs allow users to protect their data while casually browsing, while browser extensions can block ads and trace whether a user’s credentials have been compromised in a hack.

In more emerging sectors such as AI, blockchain, or IoT, cyber privacy takes on a different role. With AI, for instance, many cyber privacy measures on both the technological and regulatory fronts work to ensure that user data is not going toward training generative AI models without their permission or knowledge. For a startup or growth-stage project dealing with cyber security in these nascent fields, differentiating yourself is vital to gain impactful and relevant coverage that caters to the desired target audience.

So what is cyber privacy PR good for? In essence, it allows companies to not only stand out amongst the competition but reinforce why cyber privacy is more vital than people think.

How tech PR pros help define what is cyber privacy

Cyber privacy companies have plenty of obstacles to deal with outside of uniquely positioning their solution in the media. Regulations surrounding cyber and data privacy are constantly in flux around the world, making consistent messaging challenging to pin down. This is where an agency specializing in tech PR can step in to help guide positioning and establish a company as a leader in establishing what is cyber privacy on their own terms.

Understanding nuance is a crucial part of building an effective PR strategy. And that applies to what the media is looking for and what a cyber privacy solution is achieving in its respective sector. Striking the right balance in messaging requires taking a bird’s-eye approach that looks at the industry as a whole and what a project’s place within it is. A tech PR agency with years of experience can help make that process less daunting by utilizing its expertise and background across multiple tech sectors.

To get a full picture of how effective, multi-faceted PR efforts can help establish your cyber privacy solution with the right audiences, schedule a free consultation with our team today.



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