How a Cyber Security PR Agency Crafts Invincible Reputations

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How a Cyber Security PR Agency Crafts Invincible Reputations

Building up brand power and awareness in a sea of tech startups and established companies battling for media attention is no easy task in such a wide-spanning industry. Cyber security companies are no exception to this, and in fact, have another challenge in building their reputation and authority in the public eye.

Creating an image and reputation for a cyber security company has to reflect the strength of the product itself. In this sector specifically, companies really have to prove themselves and their capabilities in keeping people or organizations safe against increasingly complex onslaughts of cyberattacks. How a cyber security PR agency can step in here is by guiding communications and messaging to make sure that a company’s reputation is as solid as it can be.

Ground-level Strategies

The key thing to remember in creating an invincible reputation is that PR is not a one-size-fits-all service and no company has the same journey to creating their image. A startup, naturally, is going to have different obstacles to overcome than a massive organization or market leader in any space. So the strategies that work for a company operating at a massive scale are not going to work for one with fewer resources and market presence, and vice versa.

Media relations are critical here, which any cyber security PR agency will attest to. Being in contact with journalists covering cyberattack stories or companies on the frontlines of battling the ever-changing landscape of cyber security is vital to maintaining a brand presence. Even if it’s in niche or industry-specific publications, it helps keep a company top-of-mind to the media as a brand or product that is making a difference.

But media relations can’t pull all the weight in building a company’s reputation. Another incredibly vital arm that a cyber security PR agency can employ is thought leadership. Assisting company leaders in creating sharp, incisive op-ed pieces or commentaries for media requests can do as much, if not more, to build a brand’s reputation.

Thought leaders who are able to speak on current events or offer their expertise on specific, pressing issues in the cyber security space are always valuable—and help set a company apart from their competition. For startups, thought leadership can also carry a company when they’re in between major milestones to announce to the press.

Likewise, in-person events also play an important role. Cyber security is a sector that often convenes at tech conventions to show off the latest and greatest developments in the industry. For a startup, it might not feel like it’s worthwhile to attend, but these events provide an opportunity to speak and meet with journalists from around the world in one space. Of course, not every event is worth attending or speaking at, but a cyber security PR agency can help a company discern what meetups could help make an impact.

In the event of crisis communications, maintaining a solid reputation also requires a multifaceted approach to PR. This is where the strength of the product has the match the strength of communication efforts in order to keep consumer trust strong.

The Role of Cyber Security PR Agency

Crafting an invincible reputation in the world of cyber security requires more precision and scope than a regular tech company. When users are placing trust in a cyber security product, the messaging has to match the fortitude of what it can achieve to protect them. A tech PR agency, especially one that specializes in cyber security, understands the nuances to make that a reality. At ReBlonde, our team boasts over a decade of experience working with cyber security companies of all sizes and specialties, giving our clients a unique perspective and roster of services to build a well-cultivated brand image.

To learn more about how our cyber security PR agency experts can help your project, schedule a free consultation with us today.



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