Why Your Innovative Startup Needs AI PR

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Your Innovative Startup Needs AI PR

We are watching more and more advanced use cases of AI creep into every industry—from healthcare and finance to the military and transportation. We’ve also seen AI technologies surge into the sports industry, revolutionizing the way teams, coaches, athletes, and even fans approach and enjoy the competition. For example, in the NFL, teams are leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms to predict opponent strategies, which enables offensive and defensive coordinators to devise more creative game plans.

While the use of AI is already vastly changing the world we live in, its use is only expected to expand. This was recently acknowledged by U.S. President Joe Biden when he issued an executive order on “safe, secure, and trustworthy artificial intelligence.” A core facet of the executive order is to promote responsible innovation.

AI startups 

It shouldn’t be surprising that AI’s explosion is led by an abundance of innovative startups across the globe. But not all AI companies, projects, solutions, and platforms start the way OpenAI started. That is, with a team of celebrity tech founders and entrepreneurs coughing up $1 billion in seed funding.

The vast majority of today’s innovative and potentially disruptive AI startups have to get by through old-fashioned bootstrapping, which involves the time-consuming challenge of courting investors and building an AI PR strategy. AI powerhouse DeepMind is a classic example of this as they raised only $6 million in their 2011 Series A round, but would go on to be purchased by Google in 2014, playing a valuable role in its parent company’s AI strategy.

But that was over a decade ago, and not every promising AI startup will be able to get acquired by Google or another Big Tech player because that simply isn’t realistic, or may not be the aspiration of an AI founder. Courting VC funding, however, is the goal of just about any startup within the tech sector. Achieving this goal can be greatly aided with the help of an AI PR team.

As with any business, a reputable public relations team can be a valuable asset. This is especially the case for AI startups needing to stand out among a growing crowd of competitors.

The benefits of AI PR 

With AI expected to disrupt nearly every industry, tech entrepreneurs and software developers are eagerly trying to develop new businesses, platforms, projects, and services to leverage the technology in innovative ways. This certainly isn’t a bad development, especially with more emphasis on responsible AI innovation, but it does make it hard for AI startups in the early stages to grab the attention they desire.

With many AI-centric startups having to operate with small teams and with little financial flexibility, outsourcing the bulk of their PR needs to a dedicated and experienced AI PR agency provides many benefits. First of all, it allows the executive team to focus on the big-picture outlook, while the product and development teams can concentrate on building the best AI project possible.

The leading PR agencies dedicated to tech and AI will work closely with young and experienced AI companies to understand their needs as well as their unique value proposition and develop a tailored strategy. The best AI PR teams will leverage their relationships with top-tier tech publications in addition to smaller but equally important niche publications that build cachet among VCs and developers.

Regardless of the type of announcement, a leading PR team will balance these media relations with a deep understanding of the industry and the ability to produce creative and engaging content to secure coverage that resonates with the startup’s target audience. However, AI startups should expect more than just press release coverage from their PR agency. Truly dedicated PR agencies catering to the AI and tech sector will provide other valuable services such as thought leadership, securing speaking engagements and events, and more.

How ReBlonde can help

As a veteran tech PR company with years of experience working with AI companies, ReBlonde has helped its clients achieve their specific PR goals through a variety of different avenues. From securing interviews and conference participation to tier-one media coverage, ReBlonde’s talented team of AI PR professionals blend creativity and in-depth knowledge with experience and familiarity with leading journalists and publications. Whatever your PR needs may be, ReBlonde will serve as a dedicated partner and craft a customized PR strategy.

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