The Perks of Hiring a Consumer Technology PR Agency

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ReBlonde - a Consumer Technology PR Agency

Our economy revolves around constantly developing new consumer products that increasingly leverage cutting-edge technologies. This is a major reason why the majority of today’s most profitable and influential companies are tech titans like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

New consumer-oriented tech products are being constantly developed and released to the public as rapid advancements in the areas of AI, chips and microprocessors, sensors, wireless connectivity, edge computing, batteries, and more. Whether a kitchen appliance, smartwatch, software, drone, or electric scooter, these rapid advancements in the underlying technology provide B2C companies with the ability to create innovative products for the public.

Role of Consumer Technology

By leveraging edge computing, for instance, Netflix was able to disrupt the entertainment industry by optimizing the video streaming experience—allowing individuals and families to enjoy a wide array of movies and TV shows on their mobile devices or smart TVs with reduced latency.

The mass adoption of smartphones over the last decade couldn’t have been done without a plethora of advancements in chip technology that enabled these devices to become powerful computing machines. As such, with more advanced chip technology, smartphones have completely revolutionized our daily lives by transforming a device for communication into a tool capable of doing just about everything.

Of course, not all companies building consumer technology products aim to disrupt at the scale of the iPhone or Netflix, but many established businesses and fledgling startups are looking to break into competitive niche and mainstream markets. But many consumer-driven companies find it difficult to carve out a space for themselves within specific markets for consumer technology products because they are too often dominated by a handful of major brands.

A great idea and vision for a consumer tech product is a must. But to succeed in these competitive markets dominated by legacy brands and big names, B2C businesses and startups must be willing to embrace a consumer technology PR agency to help establish brand awareness and authority within the industry.

Benefits of a Consumer Technology PR Agency

Brand awareness is a major component of any business marketing strategy. For new and innovative tech-based consumer products, it can be hard for companies to focus on generating the proper momentum to achieve the desired level of brand awareness.

By partnering with an experienced consumer technology PR agency, a company or startup developing or launching a tech product can start building the necessary brand awareness. With a dedicated PR team handling key messaging, press releases, and media outreach, the product or company can focus on the big-picture details such as market strategy and sales.

Furthermore, a team of tech PR experts will leverage brand awareness to establish authority around the product, company, and executives. Thought leadership initiatives are a great way to establish influence by using a senior executive’s voice to provide a commentary or strong opinion on a topic directly related to the consumer product.

Whether through an original op-ed piece, interviews with media, or commentary opportunities, a consumer technology PR agency will find creative ways to leverage thought leadership and establish a sense of authority within a specific tech sector or niche. By establishing a leading figure involved with the product or brand as an industry leader, the PR efforts are not only reinforcing brand awareness efforts but also signaling the product’s legitimacy.

How ReBlonde Can Help

With a team of seasoned PR experts, ReBlonde is a premier consumer technology PR agency that has helped numerous consumer tech products reach their unique PR milestones. Whether collaborating for a product launch, announcement, or on a long-term partnership, ReBlonde’s team of dedicated PR professionals blend creatively crafted content tailored to a specific audience while leveraging its experience and familiarity with leading journalists and industry publications. Whatever your PR needs may be, ReBlonde will serve as a dedicated partner and craft a customized PR strategy.

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