Believe Us, Blockchain PR Services Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

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blockchain PR services are not one-size-fits-all

A decade ago, you could probably describe the quote-unquote blockchain industry as a few nascent sectors. Since then, the technology’s capabilities have reached new heights and expanded in breadth across sectors in terms of both development and adoption.

So why should a blockchain project’s communication strategy be cookie-cutter?

The answer is that it clearly shouldn’t. And that applies to growth-stage and massive blockchain companies alike. When a project is looking to take the next step in its journey and onboard a PR firm that specializes in blockchain PR services, it’s critical to know what those services are for and what they’re capable of achieving.

Understanding The Power of PR

With the right team in your corner, PR can work wonders in terms of protecting a project’s brand and expanding its reach to new audiences while building its core community. But that doesn’t mean that every PR firm functions in the same way or uses the same strategies to reach the goals the client is looking to attain.

Blockchain companies come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s before delving into the different sectors that now utilize blockchain technology in some capacity. That segmentation defines what a project’s core PR needs are. For instance, a B2B-focused DeFi startup that is looking to close a funding round will have much different PR needs and goals than a well-funded, public-facing crypto company working with massive brand partners.

As such, the blockchain PR services they each require will be different. That doesn’t mean, however, that those different needs diminish the powerful potential of PR in growing a company’s profile. If anything, making sure that the blockchain PR services an agency is offering fits with the company’s goals and status within the industry will lead to more effective and fruitful partnerships.

What Do Bespoke Blockchain PR Services Look Like?

A PR and communications firm that has worked with blockchain projects in the past will likely have a good idea of how to tailor their services to the needs of the company. That starts with doing an in-depth onboarding and analysis of the project’s goals, objectives, and any sort of current progress it’s made in the media thus far. Having a high social media presence is great, but that doesn’t always translate to organic media coverage that helps build credibility, especially for a new project.

Likewise, blockchain PR services should go beyond simply distributing a press release. For one, there has to be a certain cadence and time between announcing new milestones. And sometimes, there might not be a clear milestone to announce for a project that’s trying to get off the ground and slowly building key relationships.

In the meantime, a blockchain PR agency will find other routes to supplement media coverage. That can come in the form of helping cultivate and pitch thought leadership articles, where a founder’s opinions and expertise in the industry can come to the forefront. It can also manifest through pitching founders and key company leaders to podcasts or other interview sources to meet audiences where they’re at.

A larger blockchain company might need more wide-scale services, which can include pitching to speak at events or facilitating sponsorships. Blockchain PR services here can also look like managing stakeholder relations and working alongside a company’s brand partners as liaisons for announcements and collaborations. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to what a PR agency can accomplish, but there has to be a clear understanding of the goals and strategies in mind and ensuring everyone is aligned—even if it means a project might have to step out of its comfort zone.

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