Why Do We Even Need Cyber Security PR Professionals?

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Why cyber security companies must leverage PR to succeed

Witnessing business and technological innovation grow in tandem with cyber security threats at a breakneck pace, it’s become more crucial than ever for companies to prioritize cyber security efforts. But the complex cyber arena isn’t common knowledge (yet), and its intricate features barely faze the common individual or business beyond a simple anti-virus program.

Cyber security companies must better internalize the responsibility of safeguarding and promoting their brand beyond product launches and upgrades and the indisputable role that PR plays in that effort. As the urgency to protect business assets against cyber threats increases hourly, the need for cyber security companies to effectively and transparently communicate with the public is just as critical. Introducing cyber security PR.

Specializing in the industry and its nuances, cyber security PR professionals bring a unique combined knowledge and skillset enabling them to develop, maintain, and strengthen a company’s brand. Moreover, PR professionals translate and disseminate key company information, announcements, and stories from within the cyber security sector to the general public in a more alluring, comprehensible, and digestible manner.

How Cyber Security PR Protects Your Brand

For starters, beware of those claiming to service both marketing and PR. As the saying goes: “Jack of all trades, master of none”. The field, goals, and tactics PR employs, concentrating more on managing the company’s positive brand, reputation, and image to key stakeholders, differ tremendously from that of marketing geared towards promotions and sales. However, the same holds between PR teams in distinct industries.

PR professionals typically operate using a core toolkit. But a specialized team can leverage their deep understanding of the cyber security industry and all its features, nuances, and developments to service companies in the most comprehensive way possible. Providing that extra layer of knowledge and experience enables a communications team to address the company’s needs, media interest, and general public perception in one fell swoop.

While the role of a cyber security PR agency seems easy to dismiss, the position it holds at the juncture between the industry’s service providers and their target audiences stand as one of the core differentiators between a successful company and a forgotten project that disappears just as quickly as it emerged.

Utilizing specialized cyber security PR professionals empowers industry service providers with the ability to preserve and differentiate their brands amongst the stiff industry competition, which is expected to surpass $424 billion by 2030.

Crafting an Effective, Tailored Cyber Security PR Strategy

Cyber security PR professionals are frontline defenders of the company’s brand. Although PR can’t make crises disappear entirely, the right PR team can often work miracles by creating distinct and bespoke communication strategies. This strengthens the brand’s presence while (preemptively) mitigating consequences and preserving its image and reputation.

But PR isn’t just about dealing with crisis scenarios. Accurately and efficiently communicating the company’s offerings and industry competitive advantage also requires an experienced cyber security PR team to define and reach the audience you need.

Moreover, understanding the importance of trust is paramount. PR professionals maintain trust with journalists, knowledge leaders, and key influencers, transparently communicating the company’s capability and commitment to maintaining and improving its cyber security solution capabilities. This serves as an expressway when announcing a company’s latest technological upgrades, key partnerships, or highlighting a product to the market.

Additionally, “it’s about who you know”. The established trust, consistent communication, and contacts held by the best cyber security PR agencies ensure stakeholders are well-informed on the company and its latest developments. Ultimately, PR serves as a core cog in fostering a strong, stable, and industry-trusted company brand, spotlighting it above its competitors.

To get a full picture of how the right PR professional effort can help boost your cyber security business with the right audiences, schedule a free consultation with ReBlonde’s award-winning team today.



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