4 Pillars an AI PR Agency Uses to Build an Invincible Brand

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4 Pillars an AI PR Agency Uses to Build an Invincible Brand

AI’s hegemony on the tech media landscape is undeniable thanks to the veritable boom the industry has experienced just in the past year. ChatGPT and the ongoing AI wars between tech giants to cement themselves as definitive leaders in the space have also led to a few players dominating the headlines.

But that doesn’t mean incredibly innovative AI startups are left without a paddle.

Yes, whenever a sector in any industry garners significant attention and funding influxes, the field inevitably gets crowded with trend-chasers and legitimate projects. But for the worthwhile projects to define themselves in such a cutthroat arena and make their voices heard, they need to work on building a sustainable, timeless brand that matches the pace of its technical innovations.

It’s easier said than done, especially for growth-stage projects courting investors and allocating funds to important development teams. However, an AI PR agency is essential to ensure a project outlasts the hype cycle and transitions into being a company known for its contributions to the industry.

Pillar 1: Reaching out to media

This might seem obvious, but if the publications a company is looking to be covered in aren’t aware of their existence, it will prove difficult to land an exciting story in the right places when the time comes. For growth-stage companies that might not feel as though it has a groundbreaking announcement ready to go when they take on a PR agency, they might not see the worth in onboarding one until they do.

However, that assumption needs to be corrected. What an AI PR agency can accomplish is feeding stories from a startup to the media proactively, putting a company on a journalist’s radar early on. That way, even if the initial outreaches don’t lead to the most widespread coverage, it primes the media on what the company is and what they do before a large announcement.

Incredible coverage rarely comes out of thin air, and certain milestones in a company’s journey are more likely to cut through the noise without needing any proactive media relations. But for the most part, getting on the media’s radar as early as possible for the right reasons can help build traction in a sustainable way.

Pillar 2: Thought leadership

Another misconception about PR is that it only concerns disseminating a press release and calling it a day.

But an effective AI PR agency doesn’t stop at that, in fact, it’s only one facet of their services. Part of the excitement surrounding AI is its status as a transformative industry still growing and touching nearly every industry outside of tech. Because of that, there is plenty of room for leaders in the field to share their expertise in the industry and how AI will impact our society.

By helping a project’s leadership team craft and pitch op-eds sharing their expertise and perspectives on the industry, an AI PR agency can land coverage that helps inadvertently build a brand’s reputation. While it’s not the same as a feature for a news story, thought leadership is essential to position a company’s leader as someone at the forefront of progress in a field, and AI is no exception.

Pillar 3: Bringing PR IRL

It seems a bit oxymoronic, but the tech industry thrives on in-person events as a method to show growth and make important announcements. It’s also fertile ground for a startup to make connections not only with journalists but with growth partners as well.

With that in mind, not every tech event is created equal. But it can be hard for a startup to discern that and end up spending money to attend an event that brings zero business or media value from their attendance.

What an AI PR agency can help out with here is to help advise companies on what events hold the most potential for what they want to achieve. Sometimes, the large, flashy marquee tech events with hundreds of thousands of attendees aren’t the best route to go down. In other scenarios, a smaller event that offers a speaking opportunity is more worthwhile to help build a company leader’s portfolio.

Pillar 4: Keeping up the conversation

Part of what an AI PR agency is also capable of doing is keeping a company in constant contact with the press and media outlets through commentary opportunities. This includes providing quote opportunities for industry events or breaking news that situates a project’s leadership team at the forefront of a conversation.

These are situations that a founder would never be reached out to unless they were directly involved with it. But an effective AI PR agency harnesses its media contacts to include a founder or a project’s leadership team in the relevant conversations happening within the AI industry. Naturally, since AI is an incredibly hot topic, these opportunities arise more often than not.

ReBlonde – An AI PR Agency

With over a decade of award-winning experience as an AI PR agency, ReBlonde utilizes these four pillars and more to make sure its clients stand out from the crowd in the right way. To learn how our PR services can steer your startup into being a renowned brand, contact us for a free consultation.



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