Does B2B Technology PR Have To Be Boring?

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B2B technology PR campaign

When B2B companies look to step up their communications efforts, it can sometimes feel like only consumer-facing B2C companies get to bask in the limelight. While it may be true that B2C companies sometimes have an easier time connecting with wider audiences if they have a unique product or campaign—it’s not always so cut and dry.

In fact, B2B companies can often have a distinct advantage over B2C PR campaigns to make their communications resonate with the audiences they’re trying to reach. So although a B2B technology PR campaign might not always seem as flashy on the surface level, the results can speak for themselves. But the only way to make a B2B PR campaign shine is by having the most effective communications team in your corner.

What Does B2B PR Look Like?

The first step in a B2B technology PR effort is to understand that no campaign ever looks the same—even for companies doing the same thing. This is where a thorough understanding of a product’s audience is paramount, as it allows a PR team to craft the most resonant way to target them.

That could come from adjusting messaging, building brand narratives, and mapping media contacts to give depth and breadth to any announcement. Ultimately, many B2B tech projects are utility-focused and hone in on making the lives of other working professionals easier through their product offerings. Again, this might seem boring on paper—but an agency with experience working alongside B2B companies will know how to translate that utility into something captivating.

Audience segmentation is another place where B2B technology PR agencies can step in to liven up a communications effort—mainly by exposing a project’s offering to unexpected audiences that they may not have considered themselves. B2B tech can sometimes feel insular, and projects will have a hard time understanding where they fit in the larger cultural and industry context when they’re just starting. In this case, a PR agency can broaden the horizons and help a project tap into a group they didn’t realize would find their technology interesting.

How B2B Technology PR Goes Beyond a Press Release

Simply put, PR in general never starts and ends with a press release. And that’s an important facet of PR that can often be overlooked and diminish the concrete impact that a comprehensive communications effort can have. Especially in the B2B space.

If you’re expecting overnight success from one single press release or campaign—you’re likely to be disappointed. This is something that rarely happens in B2B technology PR unless there is a truly earth-shattering story being shared with the media. Overnight success never really comes overnight, it comes from grassroots-level media cultivation and audience-building.

Another factor to consider here is that a B2B company might only sometimes have something to announce to the media, which can often happen in the startup of growth-stage businesses. Technology takes a long time to develop and roll out, so a proper PR effort cannot solely rely on press releases. But a B2B technology PR agency is well aware of that and will have the tools and strategies to pivot to garner coverage and reach audiences in other ways.

One way to reach audiences through B2B PR is through creating resonant and exciting thought leadership pieces or op-eds penned by a company’s leadership team. Not only does it give B2B leaders a chance to share their expertise and insider perspective—but it helps establish their public profile and reputation as experts in their field. This is a strategy that doesn’t rely on constant news cycles and can still land top-tier coverage just by providing a unique angle and opinion on the industry the project operates.

How ReBlonde Can Help

As an agency with over a decade of B2B technology PR experience, our award-winning team can help projects of any size craft the most impactful and successful campaigns possible. From finding fresh angles on an existing product or gearing up for a full-scale launch, ReBlonde works across any industry to deliver excellent results. To learn more about our B2B PR services, schedule a free consultation with us today.



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