How a Fintech PR Company Explains The Unexplainable

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How a Fintech PR Company Explains The Unexplainable

In recent years, the fintech industry has been bursting with innovation across different sectors and applications. Whether it’s helping small business owners take on taxes and expenses on their terms, assisting startups in hiring talent from anywhere in the world, or simply making it easier to pay back a friend for dinner—the industry has blossomed to near-limitless possibilities.

However, that doesn’t always mean understanding the underlying technology powering fintech is a breeze.

Usually, the opposite is true. Tangible innovation and great leaps forward in technological capabilities often rely on complex solutions that can power a user-friendly product. And for unique fintech startups that are trying to reach new audiences and spearhead adoption, bridging that knowledge gap can quickly become challenging.

This is where a fintech PR company can step in to do the difficult but necessary work of guiding a startup’s messaging in the right direction.

What does a fintech PR company do?

Since PR as an industry stands in the middle between companies and the public, it’s at the most critical juncture of ensuring that a brand’s messaging and communications are as clear as possible. Part of that comes from working closely with the team to get a solid understanding of what the product or service does and how it achieves it.

This part, however, typically isn’t the most exciting since fintech language tends to be jargon-heavy and highly technical. Not something that the everyday person would necessarily find appealing.

What a fintech PR company does from that point is drill down to the core of what the product is and how it can impact the lives of its audience—whether that’s the general public or a multinational corporation. Then, it’s about translating that message in the most effective way it can in a way that would resonate with that audience. And this is where the most difficult, yet fun, part of a fintech PR company’s work lies.

What does audience resonance look like?

Well, that depends on what audience the product and company is targeting. Again, let’s say that a B2B fintech startup has created a product or suite of tools geared towards helping remove some of the obstacles and red tape that a larger corporation might encounter. Here, more effective messaging might be more technical or finance-focused than it would be for the average consumer or journalist since there is likely to be more of an overlap in jargon and language.

On the other hand, a spritely B2C fintech app creating tools to get Gen Z or younger millennials more in control of their finances would benefit from utilizing more approachable, yet clear language. Likewise, a fintech PR company could also help a startup or fintech project of any size find new audiences by recontextualizing its product offering or reworking its messaging approach.

Sometimes, this requires trial and error, and the audience that a company might have in mind for its product doesn’t always align with its messaging. What a fintech PR company can do in this situation is bring the messaging back down to earth for prospective journalists and audiences alike to get a firm grasp on what a company does. That doesn’t mean dumbing down what a product does, but fine-tuning the approach to relaying its benefits.

How ReBlonde can help

Our agency has over a decade of experience guiding leading fintech projects and corporations of all sizes. From brand-building to crisis management, our team of PR experts is here to help your company’s story resonate around the world and make a splash with the audiences that count. To learn more about ReBlonde’s PR services, contact us for a free consultation.



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