The Case for Trusting in a Blockchain PR Agency

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The benefits of PR for blockchain and crypto startups

Following a brutal 2022 and a rough start to 2023, the blockchain and crypto industry has been steadily gaining momentum. Now in a more stable position, the industry has mostly avoided the high-profile hacks, scams, and scandals that delegitimized and defined the industry in the eyes of many in favor of focusing on real-world use cases and infrastructure.

While these industry shifts have led to scammy and flawed projects fading away into the abyss, it has simultaneously led to an industry of more mature and capable of developing products, tools, services, and protocols that can not only lead to wider adoption but also deeply impact the traditional financial sector. As such, financial institutions are upping their interest and experimentation with blockchain technology and have shown particular interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) and tokenization solutions.

The State of Blockchain Startups

The industry’s maturation process has reinvigorated hope for a bull run following the recent SEC approval of 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs and its upcoming halving event in April. While all that is still to be determined, the biggest indicator that a bull run is in the pipeline is the more mature approach from startups.

Overshadowed by the rapid advancements and developments in the AI space, crypto and blockchain startups have used that cover to spearhead this maturation process. Innovative startups within the industry have contributed to this more stable ecosystem through advancements in interoperability, tokenization infrastructure, decentralized identity management, scaling solutions through zero-knowledge (zk) rollups, creative and useful DeFi protocols, data monetization, and more.

The industry has achieved all this and more despite there still being a fair amount of regulatory uncertainty—but the industry has adjusted and adapted and become more secure as a result. By focusing on harnessing a better user experience, while promoting trust and transparency, blockchain use cases are gaining steam within various sectors such as governance, supply chain management, and social networking.

However, with the tech industry still largely focused on AI, many of the industry’s brightest startups have trouble gaining attention from leading tech and legacy media. Many of the blockchain and crypto industry’s top publications are also semi-pivoting toward AI to attract new readers. All this points to the growing need for blockchain and crypto startups to partner with a blockchain PR agency.

Why a Blockchain PR Agency

As blockchain and crypto garner more legitimacy and use cases, this will lead to additional waves of tech entrepreneurs and software developers opening new businesses, establishing new projects, and building new services and products. This uptick in activity within a maturing and stabilized blockchain industry has already led to many new products, exciting new features, and stories of interest.

This is where a dedicated blockchain PR agency can help a promising startup navigate the complex terrain of public relations. Most crypto and blockchain startups consist of small teams with limited marketing budgets, making it hard to build brand awareness and conduct effective media outreaches when there is an announcement or relevant story to pitch to journalists.

Outsourcing those responsibilities to a reputable PR agency that specializes in blockchain, crypto, and all things Web3 allows the startup’s executives and developers to focus on strategies, roadmaps, and marketing plans, while the blockchain PR agency formulates a targeted and maximum impact coverage campaign.

Regardless of the type of announcement, a leading PR team will balance these media relations with a deep understanding of blockchain as a technology and industry and the ability to produce creative and engaging content to secure coverage that resonates with the target audience.

ReBlonde – A Blockchain PR Agency

As a veteran tech PR company with years of experience working with all types of blockchain and crypto companies, ReBlonde helps its clients achieve their specific PR goals through a variety of different avenues. ReBlonde’s dedicated team provides PR that goes way above and beyond securing top-level media coverage and includes other valuable services such as thought leadership, speaking engagements, interviews, events, and more.

Living up to its reputation as a leading blockchain PR agency, ReBlonde blends creativity and in-depth domain knowledge with experience and familiarity with leading journalists and publications. Whatever your PR needs may entail, ReBlonde will devise a strategy and serve as a dedicated partner in crafting and carrying out a customized PR campaign.

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