Why PR and Marketing for Cryptocurrencies Go Hand in Hand

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Marketing for cryptocurrencies

In the realm of communications, marketing and PR often have their identities mistaken in terms of what they’re meant for and what they can achieve. This is especially true in tech sectors that are still finding their footing such as crypto and blockchain as a whole.

Because the industry is relatively new, project leaders who decide to take their communications to the next level might not understand what the difference is between the two. It may even be the first time they’ve decided to work with either a marketing or a PR team. While there may be some overlap in the responsibilities of both fields, it’s important to know the distinction and what PR and marketing for cryptocurrencies are good for.

The Difference Between PR and Marketing

When it comes to communicating with the public, marketing and PR have different functionalities and goals in “getting the word out” about a project and what it’s doing. A key difference to note here is that marketing works through paid avenues such as advertising, while PR works through organic placements that rely on inserting a company into the news cycle or establishing its credibility through other avenues.

Yes, both are effectively trying to get the desired audiences to pay attention to a company or a product, but they use radically different means to attain that. With that in mind, a project’s leadership and C-suite teams must understand the difference and set expectations accordingly. Especially so when the efforts are going towards PR and marketing for cryptocurrencies.

Since crypto is a young industry, marketing and PR teams have double the work cut out for them. Not only do they have to garner attention from crypto audiences, but they also have the onus to try and bring new audiences into the industry if they are a B2C venture.

Marketing for cryptocurrencies tackles this challenge through multiple streams of paid outreach. That can include anything from traditional advertising campaigns and commercials to more ground-level marketing efforts through social media to connect with audiences and spread awareness. It’s a critical undertaking, but it relies heavily on paid campaigns and typically more superficial language that’s meant to spark client conversion.

Essentially, marketing for cryptocurrencies is selling yourself more explicitly. While the materials and strategies will differ depending on the project being a coin, exchange, or blockchain-based video game, for instance, they effectively rely on the same tools. This can be a gift but also a curse, which is where PR has to step in.

Why Can’t Marketing for Cryptocurrencies Work on Its Own?

Marketing can attain a lot of results very quickly in terms of getting a project’s name out into the atmosphere. You could have an ad on every single website or social media page in the world if you have the budget for it. But if someone like a potential investor or strategic partner looks up a project and only sees endless pages of paid advertisements, they’re not going to take a project seriously—and may even think it’s a scam.

As opposed to marketing for cryptocurrencies, PR for cryptocurrencies relies on organic and earned media placements. When you open up TechCrunch or CoinDesk and read a captivating story about a new crypto project securing funding or unveiling an exciting product, that’s PR. It can’t be bought or measured in the same way as marketing, but it is immensely valuable to the standing and reputation of a project.

This is especially critical in crypto, an industry that has been plagued by scandals and scams that have given the industry a bad rap. However, effective, broad-reaching PR campaigns can establish a project as an industry leader thanks to its business and team merits. And it’s not only useful for disseminating press releases when a company has something exciting to announce—it goes far beyond that.

A solid crypto PR agency with blockchain expertise can stretch far beyond what marketing for cryptocurrencies is capable of doing—and it can even bolster marketing efforts through other means. But even when a project doesn’t seem to have anything exciting to announce, PR agencies keep them relevant through thought leadership opportunities, podcasts, event partnerships, and ongoing media relations.

These are all aspects of building a lasting brand that marketing can’t achieve on its own.

How ReBlonde Can Help

At ReBlonde, our award-winning agency has over a decade of experience helping crypto and blockchain projects of all sizes build bulletproof brands and become leaders in the industry. To learn more about our team’s capabilities, contact us for a free consultation.



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