5 Steps for an Effective Fin Tech PR Strategy

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5 Steps for an Effective Fin Tech PR Strategy

In 2024, money moves at the speed of light thanks to the digital transformation of traditional financial services. Finance is constantly being revolutionized, as tech innovations reshape how businesses and consumers think about money. Over the last decade, technological advancements have catapulted the fin tech sector to experience rapid growth, expanding the financial ecosystem to reach new horizons.

The wave of digitization of financial services has brought fin tech startups to the forefront, offering new and novel solutions for individuals and businesses to manage their finances in convenient and efficient ways. Industry giants have even been able to transform underserved markets, improving financial opportunities across developing nations.

As of February 2024, there are currently over 26,000 fin tech startups globally, but the hard truth is that launching a new business can be quite a challenge. Before a fin tech startup dives into the deep end, they must ensure they are well-equipped with the right resources to execute their business plans. A firm’s reputation is a long game and can be compromised by a collection of factors that are in and out of its control. Working with a top-notch firm specializing in fin tech PR will ensure a company takes the necessary steps to make its business stand out in a crowded market.

Having an excellent product isn’t enough, a company needs a strong fintech PR strategy too. Here are the main elements:

Setting clear objectives

It is important to work with a fin tech PR company to clearly define the goals of a startup. The most renowned PR firms will work with a startup to clarify who you are and what products and services it offers to the public. While this may sound basic, it is essential to condense this information and make it digestible in a way that resonates with the public.

Define your target audience

Fin tech companies touch a variety of audiences including businesses, consumers, banks, and investors—and the first step to reaching the right target is knowing exactly who they are and what their needs are. Fin tech PR is a helpful tool for any firm in the space, ensuring a product’s value proposition does not fall on deaf ears. Improper targeting is ultimately a waste of resources but working with a PR firm will ensure your communication strategy resonates with the target audience, and even with new ones that a company may not have considered.

Build your messaging

Crafting key messages for your firm is one of the most critical elements for an effective PR strategy in fin tech, serving as the foundation for all communication efforts. A reputable PR team will work with your business to clearly define what unique competitive advantages your product or service offers. Plus, fin tech PR will work to distill the confusing technical and financial jargon often associated with the industry, ensuring it is communicated in an effective way that the target audience can understand.

Monitoring industry trends

Staying up-to-date with topics in your niche and industry is crucial for your business. Fin tech PR ensures that your company aligns its messaging and offering with what’s happening in the larger market. Trendy topics can be leveraged into engaging thought leadership content or newsjacking opportunities. Jumping on the right trend at the right time can give brands more news visibility and connect them to current or new potential audiences.

Creating a content strategy

With the next big fin tech disruptor always just around the corner, fin tech startups must always try to reach new audiences. Strong PR helps keep current and prospective audiences engaged by distributing unique content and relaying information about your startup through various mediums and channels. Whether it’s thought leadership pieces or press releases, content produced with the guidance of a fin tech PR team is needed to stand out amongst competitors.

How ReBlonde can help

With over a decade of award-winning experience as a fin tech PR agency, ReBlonde uses all these strategies and more to guarantee your message effectively reaches the intended audience. By harnessing the power of public relations, ReBlonde ensures your fin tech company is generating coverage and retains a competitive advantage. To discover more about the services offered at ReBlonde, contact us for a free consultation.



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