How to Maximize Your Bitcoin PR Efforts During a Bull Market

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Maximize Your Bitcoin PR Efforts During a Bull Market

At long last, it looks like a bull market is finally here and crypto projects can breathe a sigh of relief.

However, amid this exciting time for the industry, crypto projects must understand that a solid approach to PR is more vital than ever. There are two common misconceptions around PR when it comes to crypto. One is that Bitcoin PR is only reserved for times of crisis, and the other is that public relations equates to marketing—and a pumped-up marketing budget will make a company cut through the inevitable noise of a newly prosperous crypto industry.

Let’s nip both of these misconceptions in the bud. Yes, a PR team is essential in a crisis, but it can’t necessarily erase negative attention once things turn sour. A solid communications team can work what is close to miracles, but it’s never wise to work reactively instead of proactively.

Likewise, effective Bitcoin PR works in the realm of earned media and building trust by showing progress and leadership for a company through announcements, media commentaries, event opportunities, and thought leadership. Any bull market inevitably brings forth a swarm of both legacy projects and new projects vying for attention from the media, customers, and potential investors. And that’s before considering the massive institutional players that are getting involved in crypto this time around.

With so many different companies looking to stake their claim as a definitive crypto project, an effective, proactive, and multi-faceted PR strategy is the key to making it a reality.

Proactive Crypto PR

As we witnessed with the last bear market, and many other bear markets before it, major players can easily get flushed out of the industry due to scandal after scandal. While it’s certainly no benefit to the companies involved, it also severely impacts the trustworthiness of other crypto projects by association. It’s not nice to hear, but it’s true.

Any project that is considering a proactive Bitcoin PR initiative must understand that journalists and media outlets are going to be more skeptical about them than ever before. Even with massive strides in regulatory approvals and continuous activities from massive companies like BlackRock, Fidelity, Citi Group, and more—the media will do everything in their power not to be fooled again by shiny crypto projects.

This might seem like an impossible task, but it’s far from it.

Serious projects that are hoping to stand out for the right reasons have to make sure their branding is on point, and that extends to every facet of their public-facing communications. Yes, crypto might have its own lexicon and communicative norms, but with legacy institutions seriously involving themselves in the industry, innovative projects have to invest in their language, website, and UX.

However, all of this stems from having a strong product to start. One mistake that many crypto projects made in the last bull round was having a narrative without a product to match—and when the promises outrun what a company can deliver, that’s when interest and dollars disappear. Even if it doesn’t seem like the most interesting product on the market, a strong product provides the most solid foundation to build unique and clever messaging around.

Believe us, some of our most impressive PR storms have been around projects that don’t seem so sexy at first glance. But when a strong product story has a sharp angle underpinning it, magic can happen.

Again, crypto and Bitcoin PR don’t all just center around press releases. Legitimacy is currency in the blockchain industry, and there are plenty of ways to achieve that even without consistent announcements. It certainly helps, but there are plenty of avenues to explore through proactive PR efforts.

For instance, thought leadership through op-eds, attending and speaking at industry events, providing consistent commentary to the media, and joining podcasts are excellent ways for companies and their leaders to build up their profile and legitimacy without relying on announcements. But to reiterate, the only way to achieve this is through onboarding a PR team that can work in tandem with a company’s development.

How can ReBlonde help?

Starting a communications campaign can feel like a whirlwind, especially when it comes to Bitcoin PR at the start of a bull market. But having the right team in your corner can make it a breeze. ReBlonde’s team of experts have navigated the countless ups and downs of the crypto industry, and boast over a decade of experience in Bitcoin PR. To find out more about how our team can help maximize your PR coverage, schedule a free consultation with us today.



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