Blockchain Press Release – Why is it Vital for Your Web3 Startup?

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Blockchain Press Release

Let’s face it, the average person, even someone who has heard the term “blockchain”, probably has little idea of what it means.

While blockchain technology itself spans many different use cases and applications, its inner workings can seem too abstract for even mainstream tech audiences to grasp. This is especially true for companies utilizing blockchain that are at the startup or scale-up stage. Depending on the audience they’re trying to reach, startups have twice the challenge of establishing themselves in both the crowded Web3 space and with industry outsiders as well.

However, Web3 startups don’t have to navigate this alone, and a blockchain PR agency is a critical partner in helping projects reach their full potential through clear communications practices.

Why does clear communication matter?

Ambiguity is an obstacle to growth in any industry—particularly in tech- where companies of all sizes are using innovative developments that may not have yet broached public consciousness. Even tech giants have to grapple with easily communicating new developments to drive business.

For example, Apple doesn’t focus on in-depth technical details of the iPhone to encourage sales—but they give customers enough pertinent information to influence their purchase.

Although block chain PR is more honed in on organic media coverage, the need for direct and clear communication is still vital. Journalists in niche, crypto-exclusive media may be up to date on all the latest industry jargon, but those outside the blockchain bubble won’t have the same understanding or interest. So, it’s in the best interest of startups utilizing Web3 public relations to ensure that they work together with an agency to distill the essence of their product and technology to resonate with the appropriate audiences.

The power of a press release

We should clarify that although announcements are incredibly vital to getting a Web3 startup’s message and milestones out to the public, media relations go well beyond crypto press release distribution. With that in mind, however, an expertly crafted press release can reach a few critical objectives in a communications plan.

For one, a press release helps a startup solidify its brand language and lexicon, helping situate its place within the market and what distinguishes it from similar projects. Although a journalist will very rarely copy a press release word-for-word, it is one of the few places where a project can be strategic with its messaging and control its perception. However, it does have to be more objective and direct than a marketing campaign.

An experienced blockchain PR agency can assist projects in making sure their messaging and objectives are distinct, while not relying on overly-promotional verbiage that the media is not interested in. Journalists don’t need to be sold to, they just need to know why your project is special and why its developments or milestones are worth following.

So, a blockchain press release must be succinct and impactful while delivering the most critical information that would encourage organic media coverage. This is easier said than done. While the leaders of an innovative Web3 project are the experts in their product offering, they can sometimes get bogged down in the weeds of how to deliver that information to the outside world.

Likewise, a press release is only a part of the journey in multi-faceted Web3 and blockchain public relations. Often, it’s just the starting point of a well-rounded campaign.

Going beyond a blockchain press release

The power of a press release lies in a startup being able to elucidate complicated concepts in blockchain and crypto through direct, understandable messaging. This enables Web3 projects to maintain transparency with their audience and the media while explaining how their product is making an impact.

But a team specializing in Web3 public relations doesn’t just stop at distributing a press release. Any agency with years of experience knows that the progression of a blockchain or crypto startup is never linear, and there can be hiccups or new developments along the way that either stall or complicate a communications campaign.

Part of a blockchain PR agency’s job is ensuring consistent press coverage, even when a project doesn’t have anything to announce. And that happens through proactively building relationships with publications through other means. Whether that is through interviews, podcasts, or thought leadership—block chain PR plays a pivotal role in building a project’s profile.

To learn more about how a PR agency can make a difference in your startup’s communications strategy, contact ReBlonde’s expert team for a free consultation.



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