Crypto Press Release Distribution: Going Beyond Crypto PR

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Crypto Press Release Distribution

When it comes to public relations, it’s easy for startups to feel like they can bypass external communications, especially in new, innovative fields like blockchain and crypto. In these particular industries, direct communication through social channels like X, Discord, or Telegram is king—meaning that many projects feel as though they don’t require blockchain PR.

With the constantly evolving media landscape and rise in paid publishing or companies fearing that the media will misrepresent their messaging, it’s clear why startups aren’t so keen on hiring a PR team to manage their media relations. Why go through journalists and the effort of creating aligned, clear, and creative messaging if you can communicate with your audience with no filter?

Although these concerns are valid, it’s typically naive and short-sighted for startups and established companies alike to forgo PR, as it goes far beyond a crypto press release service.

The benefits of clear messaging

First off, it is important to distinguish why press releases and media relations are still critical, even with a social-first strategy. The main value of crafting an elegant, succinct, and creative press release lies in being able to define a company’s narrative and messaging to an outside audience in a concise manner.

We can all admit that blockchain and crypto are not the most easily understandable industries, even to those who have a background in tech or finance. With the number of sectors and use cases that blockchain technology extends to, it’s easy for a journalist or even someone from the general public to get confused with what a project actually does. Therefore, what a carefully crafted blockchain press release can achieve is distilling the complexities and nuances of a project in clear terms that will resonate with new audiences.

There’s a two-sided benefit to clear messaging like this. For one, it helps build a project’s credibility with media outlets by positioning a product through objective and legitimate terms. Anyone can say that their product or solution is the “most innovative, next-best groundbreaking thing” in the industry. However, these are all buzzwords that any respectable journalist or outlet will see right through—and don’t communicate what is truly interesting about a project to begin with.

Effective block chain PR can help projects push their messaging beyond the buzzwords to truly stand out in a competitive and volatile market. That requires working with a PR team that has experience in the field and can work alongside a project’s leadership team to determine the best messaging and the most effective course of action for proactive communication.

What happens after crypto press release distribution?

Creative resonant messaging for a project’s many milestones—whether it’s a product launch, new funding, or a collaboration—is only the first step in a multi-faceted communications and PR plan. With strong, direct, and easily understandable messaging, a project doesn’t have to worry about its objectives or achievements being misconstrued or misrepresented.

Once a crypto press release is drafted and ready for distribution, an agency will leverage its contacts and relationships with media outlets throughout the industry to land appropriate coverage. Depending on the story, that may include top-tier industry or mainstream media, or it could focus more on niche outlets with a more active community that aligns with the project’s sector.

Either way, block chain PR doesn’t stop once a press release is out in the world. In fact, it’s only one facet of how an agency specializing in crypto public relations operates.

Any PR agency with experience working with startups and scaleups understands that progression is not always linear, and a project won’t always have a slate of milestones or releases lined up to alert the media about. And while there is no substitute for an exciting blockchain press release, an agency will work proactively to ensure a project attains consistent and meaningful coverage.

For instance, a blockchain PR agency may pitch a project’s leadership team to speak at in-person events or on podcasts; or help facilitate AMAs via social media. Likewise, they can assist leaders in developing excellent, insightful thought leadership pieces to demonstrate their field of expertise and industry insights. All of these are ongoing efforts that don’t require crypto press release distribution to land incredible coverage—it just requires creativity and a willingness to collaborate.

How can ReBlonde help?

With more than a decade of experience working with leading blockchain and crypto companies of all sizes, our team of experts is ready to take your project’s communications to the next level. To learn more about ReBlonde’s suite of PR services, schedule a free consultation with us today.



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