Cryptocurrency press release: What is the Web3 brand-building strength behind it?

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One challenge that Web3 and crypto projects broadly face is succinctly and accurately describing what their solution or service provides to the media and broader public. While part of this is due to some projects relying too heavily on buzzwords and marketing language that obfuscates their actual value, it also has to do with their communication strategy when operating in a field that is still relatively new and obscure.

Blockchain and the Web3 industry as a whole deal in relatively abstract financial and technological concepts—which doesn’t really help innovative projects get their name out there. However, crypto press release distribution is one way to provide a definitive guide and statement to the media that could help clear things up. It may not seem essential at first, but it is critical to help a Web3 project distinguish itself and its brand from the competition.

So, how can a Web3 PR service step in?

Laying the groundwork for a brand’s foundation

While any agency or internal PR team can hit send on a press release, the real work in brand-building through a press release begins well before it’s distributed. The benefit of working with an agency that specializes in Web3 is their ability to help translate a project’s benefits and goals in a digestible way through an expertly crafted cryptocurrency press release.

It may seem simple, but it does require strategic thinking and creative consultation. While the leaders of a Web3 project may have the authority and expertise on their product, they may not always be able to convey this effectively to an outside audience.

By working with an agency that has dealt with these sectors before, project leaders and the agency’s team can collaborate to make the most impactful blockchain press release possible. Whether that is to announce a new funding round, product launch, or collaboration, these agencies work together cross-functionally with marketing teams and internal stakeholders to make sure the content is effective, accurate, and nuanced.

A cryptocurrency press release acts as a definitive document of a brand’s ethos and mission through clear and concise language. Even if the rest of a project’s marketing and messaging isn’t as unified as it can be, a press release can at least convey its brand pillars to the media directly and objectively.

But that isn’t the only thing a Web3 PR agency is capable of achieving.

PR services go beyond a cryptocurrency press release

Of course, having a press release for any announcement is step one of an effective media and communications campaign—but it can’t be the only step.

Building an impactful and resonant brand in the blockchain and Web3 space requires a multifaceted approach to achieve results. This is especially true at the startup stage, where a project may not always have consistent results or progress to deliver for media coverage. This is why an effective Web3 PR service will always proactively think outside the box.

One way to build a Web3 brand is by positioning its leadership team as authority figures in their niche. And the best thing is that this doesn’t even require a press release.

When a project is in between cycles of crypto press release distribution, a PR agency is constantly working behind the scenes to garner proactive results and media relations. By utilizing its contacts for thought leadership opportunities such as op-eds, interviews, or live events, a Web3 PR agency can build a project’s profile through indirect brand-building.

The media, and the public at large, tend to listen to figures like Bill Gates, Tim Cook, or Sam Altman when they speak about topics related to their industry. Likewise, it creates a distinct link to the brands these leaders represent through their knowledge-sharing and expert opinions. This is why thought leadership is just as critical to a blockchain press release in building a brand.

How ReBlonde can help?

Our team of PR experts boasts over a decade of experience helping build bulletproof brands across Web3, blockchain, and crypto through a global communication strategy tailored to a project’s needs. To learn more about how ReBlonde can help build your Web3 brand, contact us for a free consultation.



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