The key to writing an excellent crypto press release

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The key to writing an excellent crypto press release

The Web3 industry has emerged from a bear market and appears to be stronger than ever. Increased funding, a more intense focus on providing real-world value, and innovative tools and solutions underpin a maturing and enticing Web3 sector.

Despite the multitude of positive developments in the industry, young and promising startups face a competitive landscape, making it difficult to achieve impactful attention. Within this competitive environment, Web3 startups must develop a unique strategy to stand out and reach their full potential. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how disruptive or innovative a startup’s product or platform may be, because without a comprehensive PR game plan, growth milestones won’t be met. 

The power of a cryptocurrency press release

Crafting press releases is a fundamental component of almost any business, and crypto and Web3 are no exception. Emerging startups within the industry tend to have many announcements that could include new developments, product launches, and general company news. In these early stages, it is crucial to invest in leveraging these events—whether big or small—through thoughtful press releases. 

With so many new and established Web3- and blockchain-focused publications, there are plenty of opportunities for startups within the industry to gain meaningful coverage through a cryptocurrency press release

Drafting a press release, however, can sometimes be time-consuming due to multiple factors From showcasing the company and highlighting the benefits of the announcement, to getting quotes, drafting the best title, and ultimately pitching the release to relevant journalists, crafting a quality press release in the crypto and Web3 industry encompasses multiple moving parts. There are often many stakeholders involved, especially if a partner company is involved in the announcements, which makes strategizing and investing enough time in the process a must. 

Partnering with an established crypto PR company is a solution that relieves a Web3 startup of the burden of writing a press release, enabling the leadership team to focus on big-picture issues and allowing the marketing team to coordinate their campaigns. Furthermore, partnering with a reputable Web3 or crypto PR firm enables a startup to leverage the agency’s contacts with journalists and leading industry publications.  

How a crypto PR company manages the outreach

While writing a strong cryptocurrency press release takes time, effort, and collaboration to ensure the messaging and talking points are targeted for just the right audience, the other part of the process is equally, if not even more important. Writing an excellent press release is only half the battle, and every release needs a strong outreach to ensure the news reaches the right eyes. 

This process is also very strategic and requires talented PR professionals to gauge the scope of the release, understand the current industry climate, draft engaging pitches, and then creatively map out the media outreach process. Of course, the distribution process is enhanced by the PR agency’s connections and relationships with the necessary journalists and outlets, helping ensure the best possible coverage. 

The crypto press release distribution doesn’t stop with the initial outreach. Journalists are often very busy, working around the clock, and can miss important outreaches and emails. Diligent PR professionals will strategically follow up with leading outlets to maximize the potential coverage for their clients. This part of the outreach often leads to top-tier coverage even if the timeline must be adjusted. 

How can ReBlonde help?

As an award-winning crypto PR company, ReBlonde blends years of experience working with a wide range of Web3 startups and projects to guide its clients through the entire press release and media outreach process. From crafting well-written, creative, and targeted releases to executing proven outreach strategies, ReBlonde has established itself as a results-driven PR agency within the blockchain and wider tech industry. 

ReBlonde’s dedicated team provides PR that goes above and beyond securing top-level media coverage and includes other valuable communications and brand-building services such as thought leadership, speaking engagements, podcasts, interviews, and more.

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