What is the goal of an NFT PR campaign?

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What is the goal of an NFT PR campaign?

The NFT sector has experienced one of the most non-linear trajectories in public appeal and interest over the last several years, which is saying a lot considering the volatility of the blockchain industry. While the sector enjoyed a veritable boom thanks to a celebrity-fuelled hype cycle and big-ticket NFT sales, their popularity plummeted during the last particularly brutal crypto bear market.

For a while, the stigma around NFTs was that they were useless, elitist tools for money laundering and had no real value. This meant that the goal of an NFT PR firm was to combat that negative image and illustrate the real potential of NFTs. While that uphill battle does continue, it doesn’t have the same impact it once did.

Now that the crypto industry has effectively rebounded, the rising tide is lifting most ships—including NFTs. However, the sector being in recovery means that the goals of an NFT PR marketing agency are also shifting. Now, there is a heavier emphasis on making new projects stand out and prove their usefulness to new audiences up-front.

So, how does an NFT PR campaign fit into this then?

Inside the strategy of an NFT PR firm

Of course, the wider goal of any PR agency is to generate coverage for their clients while simultaneously building their brand awareness and standing. That comes with the territory. But that doesn’t mean that every PR campaign has the same end-game or objective in mind, that really comes down to the nature of the announcement and its scope.

What any PR for crypto campaign will have right from the start, be it for NFTs or any other sector, are clearly set objectives as to what the campaign will aim to achieve. For NFTs specifically, that might mean a few different things.

For instance, is the campaign announcing a new collection? Maybe a new partnership? Or is it announcing new community benefits to NFT holders? All of these factors help dictate how the approach that blockchain PR companies will take with both crafting the narrative and distributing the news to the media and wider public.

From the cryptocurreny press release, to the media distribution list, to the pitch itself, all of these assets and approaches work to fulfill the goals of a campaign. Ensuring that all these factors are aligned will also help dictate whether the campaign is successful or not. And for NFT projects that are looking to either build their credibility or galvanize their existing community, making sure that the messaging is clear, professional, and direct is the best way to utilize PR in the most impactful way possible.

How ReBlonde can help your NFT project

PR is just one part of making sure that an NFT project is successful and stands out for the right reasons. But if utilized correctly, it can make an outstanding impact on a project’s standing, popularity, and image within the NFT and wider crypto industry. Step one in doing so is by having the right PR team in your corner.

As an award-winning agency with over a decade of experience working with crypto and NFT projects, ReBlonde’s team of experts will ensure that NFT projects of any size have the tools to succeed and reach the goals of a successful PR campaign. To learn more about our agency’s full suite of NFT PR services, schedule a free consultation.



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