The Role of Blockchain PR in Promoting Cryptocurrency Projects

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The Role of Blockchain PR in Promoting Cryptocurrency Projects

Like any industry, cryptocurrency projects need a helping hand in making sure their message reaches the right audiences and builds their brand effectively. Obviously, marketing plays a large role in promoting a project and driving new business, but it’s not the only way to create buzz and attention for a company to have it stand out among the competition.

When a cryptocurrency project is looking to beef up its communications, its leadership team often confuses blockchain marketing with blockchain PR. Again, while they are complementary, these two sectors are not substitutes for each other. Rather, PR and marketing are most effective when they work harmoniously instead of in competition using metrics that don’t reflect either one’s impact.

PR for crypto has more to do with brand positioning, messaging development, reputation management, and amplification. All of these factors are essential for successfully promoting cryptocurrency projects in a way that’s unique to their audience and value proposition. But how exactly does a crypto or Web3 PR firm approach this multifaceted task?

The building blocks of blockchain PR

A recurring challenge that many blockchain projects face, regardless of their growth or funding stage, is combatting the negative stigma that can plague crypto or Web3. Although the industry has bounced back significantly from its bear market days and routine scandals, it has had a lingering impact on the ecosystem as a whole. Through no fault of their own, projects find themselves finding an uphill battle in public perception.

Luckily, crypto PR firms are equipped to deal with this proactively. Promoting a cryptocurrency project entails dealing with multiple factors that might go wrong, and it’s up to a PR agency specializing in Web3 and crypto to anticipate these moves. But before that, the effectiveness of a PR campaign boils down to planning and execution.

A large part of this is defining what audience a project wants to reach, this way, a blockchain PR firm can tailor its approach to have the message resonate with these groups. Is your project meant for newcomers or experienced traders? Is it trying to break into a new geographic region? Are you running a campaign to help gain investor attention?

These are just a few factors a Web3 PR firm can help a project nail down preemptively. From that point, an agency can maximize its resources and efforts in ensuring a campaign and project are promoted impactfully.

Likewise, specialized and proactive PR agencies are not one-trick ponies, and their work stretches far beyond hitting send on a press release. Aside from utilizing their media contacts, crypto PR firms collaborate on finding a unique and creative angle for each story to ensure that it is as newsworthy as possible to be properly promoted. Additionally, PR agencies will work with clients directly to strategize on releases and ensure that each promotional plan follows an agreed-upon timeline to maximize its effectiveness.

Beyond the blockchain press release realm, a superstar PR team will look toward other avenues to promote a cryptocurrency project that doesn’t rely on a news cycle or milestone announcement. Events, podcasts, and thought leadership development are all essential tools that a Web3 PR firm will have in its toolkit to help promote a project regardless of its press announcement cadence. These avenues only amplify their efforts to make sure a project and its leadership team are in a prime industry position.

How ReBlonde can promote your project

As an award-winning PR agency with over a decade of proven results in the blockchain industry, ReBlonde’s team of experts works diligently and creatively to promote crypto and tech projects of all sizes. To learn more about our services, please contact us for a free consultation.



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