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After meeting Storedot at our tech innovation panel in Paris, we were caught by their passion for tech and arranged a tour of their lab. Met by 13 scientists, we were taken on a tour through a range of innovative technologies, but it was the 30-second charger that caught our attention most of all. With an idea that was so daring yet easy to understand, we know we had something to show the world the value of Storedot in an instant. Posting the video now known as “The Charging” on April 7th, we saw the story catch on like wildfire, becoming a global PR mania from Cnet to CNN. From there, StoreDot got featured on no less than 700 media outlets, as the video received over 2 million shares on social media and over 3 million views on YouTube. By October 1st, Storedot raised $48 million, From 13 scientists and a campaign that cost nothing to produce, we helped Storedot become the worldwide sensation they deserve to be.

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Yo is a mobile app with an idea as simple as it is addictive: letting you interact with friends and contacts using just one word: Yo. For such a simple app, we took a simple approach: kicking off our campaign with only one blogger. However, we made sure to choose carefully, bringing Robert Scoble to our offices on May 18th to try the app. From there, it took only one status to start a hurricane all around the blogosphere. From that status, Yo went viral, getting viewed by over 600k of Scoble’s followers, including major silicon valley influencers, who went on to share it even further. To keep the wheels turning, we kept pouring on the hype, from TV to magazine appearances, and features on websites and blogs, appearing in everything from HBO comedies to a Stephen Colbert segment on Comedy Central. From there, the app’s user base grew from 50k to over 1 million in just two days, breaking Instagram’s record as the fastest app to reach a million users. All it took was one word from one person. All we made sure to do was choose the right person.

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Girls are often misunderstood and misinterpreted, even in marketing for women’s products. As such, we took to the approach of showing how women help other women, by alleviating their pain, with our Livia campaign. This tiny wearable device, practically an off-switch for menstrual cramps, needed a women-centric campaign. As such, ReBlonde used an all-female team, with a punchy women-centric pitch of “periods are bloody awful.” From there, we reached out to a wide range of publications with female readership and women writers. It was first published on The Next Web with the eye-catching title “This is the best wearable I have ever tried, period.” From there, Livia was covered by 3000 publications including Cosmo, Teen Vogue and Daily Mail. On social media, we ran a contest on Facebook that got over 1000 entries over 300,000 likes. Livia’s original campaign goal was 50k but they raised over 1 million by the end of the campaign, all because knew that getting that close connection with the audience was the key.

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Geek Awards Sponsors

ReBlonde was privileged to be a sponsor for the Geektime Geek Awards. As part of our sponsorship, we are able to share with the audience a video that outlined exactly what we at ReBlonde do. We put together a short but snappy video that highlights just how effective our team has been at helping clients in the areas medtech, cyber, healthtech, finance, commerce, consumer tech, blockchain and crypto get the PR that they need. And we did it in the simplest way, so there could be no mistaking what we do: showing a reel of instances of our clients getting coverage in national news and talk shows.

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Whiplr is a social app designed to deliver kink to the masses. Tasked with making Whiplr a global sensation, we had to think of how to make such a non-mainstream app famous. We started by moving the launch from January to Feb 14th, not only because of Valentine’s Day, but to coincide with the release of 50 Shades of Grey, aligning our PR strategy with an existing global sensation. We also made use of the natural comparison with Tinder, pitching Whiplr as a Tinder that could connect people to the world of kink. Soon after, mainstream media picked up on the story, with over 500 articles and TV segments, which rocketed it to a number one spot on multiple app store rankings. All this with zero paid ad budget. The lesson: sometimes, your PR can be as simple as timing and using what’s already out there.

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