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As a fintech company, you know that getting your message out to the right people can be difficult. You’ve tried traditional PR tactics like press releases and media outreach, but they just don’t seem to be working. Your competitors are getting more attention than you and it’s hard to stand out in such a crowded market.

ReBlonde is here to help! We specialize in fintech PR services and have helped hundreds of companies get their message out there with our unique approach. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to craft an effective strategy that gets results quickly. With us on your side, you’ll be able to reach the right audience and make sure your brand stands out from the competition.

What is Fintech PR?

Fintech PR is a specialized public relations service focused on the financial technology (fintech) sector. In today’s digital age, fintech organizations need to effectively manage their reputations and communicate their products, services, and values across multiple channels.

Fintech PR helps businesses build trust with stakeholders, customers, and media by creating compelling messages and managing media appearances. This type of PR involves concentrated efforts to promote fintech products and services through online campaigns and press releases, as well as more traditional methods like word-of-mouth.

The goal of a Fintech PR campaign is to create awareness around a company’s products or services while also increasing engagement with potential customers.

Fintech PR experts use data-driven insights, creative storytelling techniques, and advanced technologies to optimize campaigns for maximum impact. With the right strategy in place, Fintech PR can help a business gain visibility, attract investors and build relationships with key stakeholders in this rapidly evolving sector.

How ReBlonde Can Help

There are many ways we can help you get your message out there. From press releases and media outreach to marketing consultancy and content marketing, we have the tools and expertise to make sure your brand gets noticed. We’ll also provide ongoing monitoring of financial services industry trends, so fintech companies are always up-to-date on the latest news in fintech and can stay ahead of the competition.

  • Heightened Visibility: ReBlonde’s fintech PR services can help boost your brand visibility, expanding your reach to new potential customers and connecting you to influencers and industry experts. We leverage our comprehensive understanding of the financial technology sector and our extensive network of contacts to ensure you gain maximum visibility for your company in the right places.
  • Improved Brand Reputation: By focusing on building relationships with key media outlets, we can help you improve your overall brand reputation by establishing credibility through high-quality coverage and increasing positive sentiment around your brand by harnessing the power of public relations.
  • Strategic Storytelling: Our team of experienced PR professionals will work closely with you to develop a compelling story about your business that resonates with both stakeholders and target audiences alike. We utilize strategic storytelling techniques to craft messages that are tailored specifically for each audience, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
  • Reactions in Real Time: As part of our fintech PR services, we proactively monitor the news cycle so that when opportunities arise, we can quickly and effectively respond to any stories or events related to your company or fintech market as a whole in real-time. This proactive approach helps ensure positive public opinion of your brand.
  • Measurable Results: We understand that tangible results are essential for demonstrating a return on investment from digital marketing efforts like paid media, which is why all of our fintech PR campaigns are designed to be measurable and trackable in order to provide accurate performance data down to the individual campaign level. All results are fully transparent so incumbent financial institutions or financial services companies can have complete confidence in the efficacy of our fintech PR services.

No matter what your goals are, we have the solutions to make sure you reach them. We’ll provide personalized service and tailor our approach to fit the needs of your business. So if you’re looking for an experienced fintech PR team for marketing consultancy and business development that can help get your message out there, look no further than ReBlonde fintech PR agency!

Fintech PR services for the financial services industry

Fintech PR Services We Offer

ReBlonde offers a comprehensive suite of fintech PR services that help companies reach their goals and grow their brand.

  • Strategic Planning: Our team of experts works with our clients to develop a tailored strategy that will help them achieve their brand marketing objectives. We use our expertise in the fintech space to craft strategic plans that are tailored to each company’s individual needs and budget.
  • Brand Building: We work with our clients to create an impactful brand story and messaging that will help them stand out from the competition. Our team crafts compelling press releases and content that help build brand awareness through traditional media outlets as well as online channels such as podcasts, blogs, and websites.
  • Media Relations: We have established relationships with key journalists in the fintech industry which helps us secure placements in important publications like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, TechCrunch, and more. Also, we have an extensive network of influencers who can further promote your messaging on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., helping you reach even more potential customers.
  • Other Public Relations Channels: Our team provides public relations services including crisis management and event planning and promotion services to help companies get the maximum exposure they require for success in this competitive industry. Whether it’s arranging press conferences or creating press kits for reporters and analysts – we do it all!

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Our team of experienced professionals looks forward to working with you to create a strategy that will help your business reach its goals. Contact us today and let’s get started!

Fintech PR FAQ

Fintech PR refers to the strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between fintech startups, companies, and their publics. It involves managing the spread of information between an organization and the public, with a focus on promoting fintech products, innovations, and solutions to enhance brand visibility and credibility.

PR is crucial for fintech startups because it helps in building trust and credibility in a market that is often skeptical of new entrants. Effective PR strategies can highlight a startup's unique value proposition, educate the market about new technologies, and create a positive brand image, which is essential for attracting customers, investors, and partners.

Success can be measured through various metrics, including media coverage (quality and quantity), website traffic increases, social media engagement (likes, shares, comments), lead generation, and ultimately, conversion rates. Additionally, sentiment analysis and brand perception surveys can provide insights into the effectiveness of PR activities.

The most effective channels can vary based on the target audience, but they often include digital media (such as fintech blogs, online publications, and social media platforms), traditional media (such as newspapers, magazines, and TV), industry conferences and events, and influencer collaborations.

Fintech startups should address negative publicity by responding promptly and transparently. It's important to communicate what steps are being taken to resolve any issues and to reassure stakeholders of the company's commitment to high standards. Monitoring social media and online mentions can help identify negative publicity early, and a crisis communication plan should be in place for swift action.

While PR itself does not ensure regulatory compliance, effective communication strategies can help fintech companies convey their commitment to regulatory standards and build trust with regulatory bodies. Public relations can also be used to educate the market and stakeholders about the company's efforts to comply with regulations.

Fintech companies often face challenges related to public trust, especially in handling sensitive financial information. Overcoming skepticism, dealing with fast-changing regulatory landscapes, and explaining complex technologies in an accessible way are among the unique hurdles fintech PR professionals must navigate.

Fintech companies can highlight their commitment to social responsibility by promoting initiatives such as financial literacy programs, inclusive financial services, and sustainable practices. Sharing stories of real impact on communities can resonate well with audiences and enhance the company's reputation.

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in fintech PR by providing valuable, relevant content to educate, engage, and convert the target audience. Through blogs, whitepapers, infographics, and videos, fintech companies can demonstrate thought leadership, explain complex products, and address customer pain points.

Partnerships with established fintech firms, financial institutions, and tech companies can lend credibility and visibility to startups. Announcing partnerships through press releases, co-hosted events, and joint marketing initiatives can be an effective way to generate positive media coverage and build brand awareness.