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Health Technology PR Agency

Health Technology PR Agency

As one of the most renowned health tech PR agencies worldwide, we take PRide in our unique media and communications strategies that build exposure and establish credibility for health PRoducts and brands. Our award-winning team goes above and beyond with its med tech PR initiatives, offering assistance in thought leadership, as well as tapping into our relationships with top niche media outlets and influencers to win optimal media coverage.

Our Health Tech PR Expertise

Our team has helped more than 1,000 health tech and medical companies of all sizes foster brand awareness and increasing their digital footprint in new channels. These include the likes of Zebra Medical Vision, DreaMed Diabetes, and Emedgene.

From B2B’s to B2C’s we employ digital PR tactics tailored for each client to build industry credibility that helps generate more leads. We understand the specific needs within the healthcare industry, and assist accordingly with health tech PR initiatives structured for increased visibility and targeted exposure.

Medical Technology PR

Medical Device PR

Our health and med tech PR units are dedicated to serving the PR needs of healthcare companies, including medical device PR needs. We pounce on opportunities across numerous verticals to make companies in healthcare stand out as innovators. We have already worked with dozens of companies for their health- and med-tech PR needs. To that end, we employ a wide variety of PR tactics, from quote opportunities to thought leadership to events. The idea is to provide a custom-made strategy for every client to cut through the noise and get their stories out there.

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Choosing the best health tech PR agency

What is it that you search for when looking for the best health or medical device PR agency for your company? Knowledge of the importance of digital health? Understanding of conversation drivers that challenge health tech? Maybe it’s the ability to identify and take on the significant obstacles around public perception that are faced by health tech companies. We get it. ReBlonde, with over 13 years of experience working with tech giants and startups, has seen it all when it comes to quick shifts and swings in various health tech industries. Considering the widespread difficulties in adoption of digital health solutions, you must trust your health tech PR agency to walk you through your journey. We will guide you from initial ideas and plans, all the way to execution, achieving maximum relevant coverage for your brand as a leader in health tech that is driving innovation. As health tech grows as an industry, it becomes more crucial than ever to stand out from the crowd and ensure your story spreads as far as possible. Our team of health tech PR professionals will do everything possible to make sure the right people hear about you. Now is the time to try a bold and creative approach to cut through the noise. From promoting your health tech company’s story, and creating the best brand messaging, to putting you on stages across the world and positioning you as a thought leader in the space, we’ll help you tell your story like a pro.

Some of Our Health Tech PR Clients

Through our collaborations, our dedicated team has created some of the greatest PR campaigns in health tech.


Our health tech PR teams are ready to start working with you as soon as your timeline dictates. Drop us a line and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.