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If you are looking to empower your business and keep up with the latest trends in the world of technology, ReBlonde is a team of public relations experts that know how to bring your brand to the masses. 

The world is changing at a massive rate, not least in cryptocurrency, and we appreciate the world of the blockchain is impenetrable for many which is why we bring our passion for blockchain technology into everything we do.

We work with crypto projects of all sizes across the world ensuring they can go to market with our customers’ strategies that doesn’t just guarantee the world of cryptocurrency reaches the people that can’t but makes you feel safe in the knowledge that you are working with the right people who understands your inherent needs. We deal with new projects like crypto startups as well as established brands to create a campaign that doesn’t just generate more money for companies like you, but ensures that you get the highest ROI you deserve.

Introduction to ReBlondechain

The cryptocurrency market is evolving with every passing year. With the wave of new technologies and cryptocurrencies becoming more diverse to meet the demands of the modern market, the rules of crypto marketing are changing constantly, which is why you need a service that aligns its strategy and keeps up to code so you don’t have to.

We understand that a niche business needs a very niche approach. This is why ReBlonde Public Relations developed the ReBlondechain service to provide clients with a highly specialized PR strategy so they can identify brand awareness within the blockchain.

The blockchain market is notoriously contradictory. Blockchain is portrayed as the most promising aspect of the cryptocurrency movement, while also being the most illegitimate.

As industries constantly diversify from standard computing practices to immersive tech, cloud computing, and IoT, blockchain is being viewed as a savior that provides a much-needed solution to the challenges of this industry.

The ReBlondechain branch of our services understands that blockchain companies can be a driving force for good. We are passionate about working with innovators who are constantly creating and pioneering and want to work with cryptocurrency enthusiasts who feel the same about the crypto world as we do.

We are in an exciting time in the world of cryptocurrency, and this is why crypto marketing strategies and PR have never been more in-demand.

PR Services for Crypto

The ReBlondechain service was created to meet the needs of organizations looking for an extra dimension in their marketing. A PR strategy needs to do more than build awareness, but it needs to cut through the noise in a market with bold and brave campaigns that make our clients different from the norm while shining a light on the issues they can solve for customers and the real-world impacts of these technologies.

Reflecting the landscape on the blockchain, our campaigns aim to inspire and drive action through a number of trusted approaches like thought leadership and media relations, while also utilizing practices like influencer marketing.

Our dedicated blockchain PR service delivers results where it counts, focusing on engaging clients as diverse as enterprises, content creators, developers, and financial institutions to highlight the blockchain as a dominant force in the modern world.

Our services are divided into two categories: ICO and IEO. Our Initial Coin Offering and Initial Exchange Offering has been optimized to meet the needs of crypto companies.

Reblonde - Crypto Marketing Agency Offices

What You Get from Our Blockchain PR Services

We are an award-winning crypto PR agency because of the wealth of services we can use to promote your brands to the right people.

When you choose us you don’t just get access to award-winning experts that know how to polish your promotional practices but you also get access to the following:

Public Relations

The world of public relations demands a dynamic response to react to the latest developments. ReBlonde is a crypto marketing agency that understands the finesse of media outreach, and provides a number of approaches to meet your needs. Whether you want to work with crypto influencers that gets people talking about your brand, or you need a bigger global reach for your crypto marketing strategy, we offer a number of services to ensure your crypto business gets people talking!

From press releases and distribution to attracting your target audience through the best PR solutions from search engine optimization to content marketing and content creation that strikes at the very hearts of the people you want to appeal to, you can achieve your business goals by getting people talking.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding is a key part of developing your business. Crowdfunding can be a notoriously complex part of cryptocurrency digital marketing due to the demands of a campaign, while also making sure it appeals to the right people.

As a crypto marketing agency, we work with crypto businesses that need to get started on the road to crowdfunding with a comprehensive marketing strategy that covers every aspect of the crowdfunding campaign.

From the initial idea all the way through to email marketing practices, content that hits its mark, through to the deadline, and beyond, you need to work with a marketing agency that has the finesse to further your reach.

Thought Leadership

It is a very competitive world in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. What sets organizations apart is their ability to be recognized as an authority in their field.

If you are looking to establish your business as the pre-eminent one that others follow, ReBlonde is the leading marketing agency that can give you insight into your marketing strategies, content research, and design.

A brand with an effective thought leadership strategy can establish itself as one of the most important organizations within the entire industry.

Our thought leadership services include idea development, in-depth blog posts, articles, and white papers. Our subject matter experts support you to ensure you can establish yourself in this all-important position.

Building Storylines and Narratives

The success of any brand relies on its ability to weave a ripping yarn. Narratives and storylines are what we, as humans, are inclined to follow.

Make no mistake, it’s not easy to create a story that highlights your business as the one that fulfills a wide range of needs, but a marketing strategy that focuses on building your brand’s evolution from rags to riches (or from no currency to cryptocurrency), is about the underlying narrative that will communicate to your audience that you are the one that can deal with their needs.

We are always more inclined to follow a brand that has an appealing backstory while also being able to tell a tale that appeals.

ReBlonde is a digital marketing and PR agency that specializes in getting to the core of your messaging and bringing out the story for all to see.

Media Relations

The media are tricky customers. From local to national and international publications, you need to work with the right people that will promote your business in a manner that makes for great copy in the online publishing world. ReBlonde offers a variety of media relations services that can effectively support the development of your company, regardless of its stage.

Building brand recognition in a new market or strengthening a company’s current position requires a lot of professional input, while also understanding the lay of the land.

Additionally, relations are invaluable when it comes to managing a crisis. A solid relationship with journalists will give the brand a chance to present its point of view in a difficult situation.

Messaging and Positioning

The battle of winning your position high up the search engine involves these two critical words. The world of messaging and positioning is vital to establishing your product as a key player in a market. Positioning will establish where your product fits into the market and figure out your customer personas by establishing their pain points and key demographics.

Messaging is all in how you speak of your services. There is no right or wrong way to deliver a message, but if it’s not hitting the target markets, you have a lot of catching up to do. This is why we offer comprehensive insight into messaging and positioning as a way to polish your brand’s message while establishing its position in a competitive marketplace.

Award Services

Respect from your peers is just as pivotal to establishing your brand. When you are crowned a key player within your industry, it’s nice to get that validation from your contemporaries. But it’s not about praying to get put up for an award; it’s about reaching out to awards bodies and applying with a pitch that explains why you deserve to be recognized in your field.

Choosing the right business award categories to enter is a fine art, and this is where you need support to help you write business award entries that make a massive impact.

Judges want to see how you are producing great results, which is why you need to choose the right awards to enter while also showcasing how unique you are.

ReBlonde has a wealth of experience as an award-winning PR agency that can give you insight into how to tailor yourself when applying for awards. That extra validation makes a big impact on your business and having people on your side that show you how to show your business in the right light will make a big difference to how your competitors, contemporaries, and customers view you.

Speaking Opportunities

PR and marketing is not just to do with the online world! While email marketing and pay per click are some of the key areas that can help you hit your targets, one of the most vital strings to your promotional bow is speaking.

Public speaking is pivotal to communicating your brand and your personality to contemporaries and the media at large.

ReBlonde has the wealth of experienced speakers from a variety of disciplines to ensure that what you need to communicate is at the right level and ensuring that you put across a personality that suits your business.

Why Work with ReBlonde Public Relations

The world of PR requires a dynamic and thoughtful response to emerge with the continuing trends. The cryptocurrency industry is notoriously hard to catch up with.

Any company starting out now needs to have prior knowledge of the blockchain and crypto industry up to now but also needs the foresight to anticipate any alterations in the industry while also making sure they set themselves apart in a competitive landscape. Cryptocurrency marketing is demands a variety of skills and art to ensure that, through the practices of digital marketing, bounty campaigns, and a comprehensive approach to generating new customers sets your business apart from other businesses.

Award-winning Experts

ReBlonde is a world-renowned group of PR professionals who will bring a wealth of experience to every crypto project. Our diverse backgrounds will guarantee that you have the right person who understands your business and how you can promote it.

Bespoke Solutions

PR is not a one-size-fits-all practice. ReBlonde customizes every single crypto advertising practice to meet your needs. This doesn't just mean you get a focused service but will deliver the best and long-lasting results so you carve out your own crypto space in a digital world of competition.

Some of Our Current and Former Crypto Clients

We believe in our clients and they believe in us. We are firm in the fact that collaboration is the most essential way to create unique and engaging campaigns that come to life. We guarantee direct communication to ensure that every client’s need is met.

Our mission is not to purely provide a service, but to act in partnership with you to bring every aspect of your business to life. ReBlonde has worked with many cryptocurrency startups and blockchain organizations, from the young up and comers to the firmly established organizations within the industry.

Come and see how we have worked with them in close proximity to build up and bolster their brands through crypto marketing campaigns and marketing strategies that increased engagement and delivered results. Come and meet our current and former clients so you can see how many diverse types of organizations have benefited from our service.

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