ReBlonde PR Services

Public Relations

Our team of PR professionals will make sure the right people hear your story. We will craft the best angle to tell your story, create a stunning media kit, pinpoint the relevant media outlets, and pitch the specific writers and our close personal contacts that are exactly right for you.

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Thought Leadership

Through the publication of thought leadership articles in relevant outlets by key figures in your company, we establish your team as leaders in their field.

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Media Relations

Sometimes all you need is the right meeting with the right person. We will leverage the considerable connections at our disposal to get you in the right meetings with members of the media.

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In such a competitive space, it’s important to gain all the right awards and recognition. We know the right awards and competition opportunities for you.

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Speaking Opportunities

A great way to increase your visibility and notoriety is to be seen on stages around the world and talk to the right crowds. We will identify any and all relevant speaking opportunities to put you on stage at conventions, expos, meet-ups, and panels by utilizing our connections with event organizers.

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Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding platforms have become an extremely popular means of raising money and testing market feasibility of various products. During your crowdfunding campaign, we will do everything it takes to help your campaign reach its goal and beyond, by incorporating PR, social media, creative thinking, and Facebook media.

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Building Storylines And Narratives

We’re crafting the best narrative that will support the company’s strategic comms plan, as well as its value proposition, storyline, and messaging.

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Messaging And Positioning

Our extensive background with PR and media relations, combined with top-notch content writing skills, helped us to build many companies’ positioning throughout the years. We implement the PESO model when building the digital positioning.

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Social Media

Our social media planning and implementation is data oriented and is built to amplify your PR wins, increase your company’s brand awareness and support your brand’s digital presence.

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Measurement & Analytics

Any PR work is not complete without understanding its value. Our PR efforts will be accompanied by comprehensive analytics reports to increase your understanding of the merit of our PR.


Our PR teams are ready to start working with you as soon as your timeline dictates. Drop us a line and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.