PR Services for Award Nominations

Recognition is everything in public relations. Who doesn’t want the glamor and fame that follows real success? Why not receive the recognition you deserve and what offers more credibility to investors and the media than having a beautiful trophy on your mantle? Industry awards have the power to complement public relations achievements by putting a company in the class of the top performers, ranging from product uniqueness to workplace culture. Collectively, the PR campaigns and awards culminate in the ultimate product and company credibility, whether tech PR or otherwise.

The Power of PR Awards

As a company that has won its own fair share of awards, ReBlonde values putting its clients in the right spotlight as a top priority, and awards are one of the many ways through which we deliver the spotlight. Through our team of experts, connections, and experience in events management, ReBlonde complements its outreaches and thought leadership efforts by submitting to the most prestigious awards in each industry, whether medtech, fintech, AI, or cyber. Our clients have been recognized or nominated in awards contests like Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies,” Geektime’s variety of awards, and the tech-prestigious Webby Awards.

PR Awards Submission

Each awards submission is carefully crafted by our expert team to suit the company’s target audience and industry, delivering the best tech PR. We also prepare company executives through the most cutting-edge media relations training, should the award process require a physical attendance or any media interaction. Whatever it is, we’re always with you, accompanying you on your award-winning PR experience. Join ReBlonde and get the recognition you deserve!


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